Weekly International Travel Visa News Update (6/22/20)

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  1. EU Opens its borders for Western Balkan citizens on July 1
  2. Germany to extend virus-related travel ban for non-European countries
  3. Egypt to resume limited flights to resorts least affected by coronavirus starting July: Cabinet
  4. Taiwan wants to send back Vietnamese visa overstayers by special flights
  5. Iceland Offers tests for travellers arriving from June. Costs about 110 USD or you must self quarantine for 2-weeks
  6. Greece Plans to relaunch its Golden Visa program
  7. Thailand to lift nationwide Covid-19 curfew on June 15
  8. Germany to extend virus-related travel ban for non-European countries
  9. Egypt to resume international flights to resorts least affected by coronavirus starting July
  10. Taiwan offers a fourth visa extension for foreign visitors
  11. UK travellers unable to fly to Greece as country reopens
  12. Egypt resumes tourism, reopens airports starting July
  13. Italy: New coronavirus lockdown in Rome raises second wave fears as building cordoned off and death toll jumps
  14. again by 78
  15. Poland reopens EU borders after 3-month lockdown
  16. Germans off to sunny Spain as Europe loosens border lockdown
  17. Cyprus tightens rules for passport-for-cash scheme
  18. Saudi justice ministry promotes e-services amid pandemic
  19. European borders are set to reopen one step at a time for International Travelers
  20. Bangladesh suspends visa on arrival for indefinite period.
  21. IATA Issues Criteria For COVID-19 Testing in Air Travel process
  22. China: Beijing cuts flights, extends movement curbs as COVID-19 cases rise
  23. Australia likely to keep borders closed until 2021, says trade minister
  24. India-Nepal border row intensifies, takes centre stage in eroding ties
  25. Australian universities to hire plane for foreign students shut out by coronavirus border closure
  26. Denmark to reopen for majority of European countries
  27. UAE: Travel procedures announced for citizens, residents
  28. Pakistan extends foreigners’ visa validity until Aug 31
  29. Thailand to Relax Rules on T.M.30 Immigration Requirements
  30. Sweden Resumes Visa Operations in Several Third Countries
  31. Egypt levies entry visa fees on GCC citizens
  32. Canada Reopens Certain Visa Application Centres As Coronavirus Restrictions Ease
  33. Nepal: No visa fees for tourists stuck.
  34. EU Explains Conditions third-countries must meet for their citizens to be able to enter EU after July 1
  35. Sweden Removes Advice Against Travel to Some EU Countries on June 30, Extends It for Others Until Mid-July
  36. Bulgaria Abolishes Mandatory Quarantine for Some EU Countries

Source: Human curated from several websites.

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