What Type of Digital Nomad Are You?

To a large degree, your travel style will dictate the kit that you need to pack for your travels. If you’re staying in a luxurious Thai resort hotel for a couple of months, you can probably bring five pairs of shoes and your shiny new macbook without too much trouble – less so if you’re spending six months backpacking through rural India.

If you prefer to keep moving, changing locations every few days and using public transport, you’ll want a smallish backpack and comfortable shoes. If you prefer slow travel (as I do), stay in each location for three months or more and rent apartments as you go, then bringing a small suitcase along really isn’t much of a problem.

Or of course you could try a mix of the two! Variety is, after all, the spice of life and as a digital nomad you’re free to indulge your whims and go with the flow. Fancy six monthttp://digitalnomadjobs.com/wp-admin/post-new.phphs relaxing in a Parisian apartment followed by an hiking tour of the Balkans? Just wear and enjoy your high-heeled shoes whilst in Paris, then donate them to charity/leave them with a friend/sell them before heading to the train station in your sensible sneakers. It’s no big deal!

Here’s a brief guide to the pros and cons of both slow and fast travel – which one appeals to you most?

Slow Travel – Spend 2 – 6 months (or more!) at a time in each location