Freedom is Everything is a content site about digital nomading, remote work, entrepreneurship, traveling the world, and trying to live a good life!

You’ll Like This Site If:

You’re looking to create more freedom in your life!

I believe that digital nomading (working online while living anywhere you want) is the fastest shortcut to freedom and that freedom is the fastest shortcut to happiness and living a great life.

In simple terms, if you have the freedom to spend your time exactly how you want to spend it, to live wherever you want to live, and to not worry about money or debt then it’s exponentially easier to be happy.

I started Freedom is Everything to help everyone in the world (who is seeking freedom) to be able to obtain freedom in every capacity: life, financial, thought, location, etc.

My life has been changed by working for myself while wandering the world and I’m excited to help you on your journey!

What’s The Story Behind The Name “Freedom is Everything”?

I lived in Taiwan for two months in late 2017. While sitting in one of my favorite dumpling restaurants, I spotted a guy wearing a shirt that said “Freedom is Everything.”

I tried to buy the shirt online but I couldn’t find it! What I did find though, was that the domain name was newly available. So I bought it!

In early 2018, I decided (when I had enough free time) that I would build a site about digital nomading and freedom. felt like the perfect name! Digital nomading, location independence and remote work are a gateway to something much more important, freedom.

Here we are in 2020 and I’m finally building the site!

That’s the story of why I love the name and that’s why I’m so passionate about the topics featured on this site.

About Me:

My name is Cam Woodsum and I’ve been wandering the world since mid-2015 and I’ve been running my own businesses since early 2017.

When I started building my own businesses in early 2017, my goal was to make enough passive income so that I’d be able to free up my time to work on creating positive change in the world.

As of late 2019, I’ve accomplished that goal and have reached a point where I can financially retire (while living cheaply abroad). I’m now focused on helping other people gain similar levels of freedom in their lives while also working on climate change endeavors.

If you want to get in touch with me, send me a message on Instagram! I’m friendly :).