Why Bali Is My Favorite Place in the World

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I’m writing this from my happy place, Bali. After spending most of the last five years wandering the earth, I’ve decided to make this my home base and spend 8-9+ months per year here!

Why I love it here:

  1. 3-4x cheaper than living in the U.S.
    1. Means that I’m able to financially retire now and have full ownership over my time
  2. Warm: low 80s year-round
    1. I’ve realized I’m much happier in warm, sunny climates
  3. Live next to the beach with great surfing
    1. Surfing and the ocean both bring me great joy 🙂
  4. Fantastic expat/nomad community
    1. This is the most diverse place where I’ve lived. It’s filled with former and current travelers from all over the world.
  5. Super friendly locals
    1. Being surrounded by people who are friendly and treat you well is vastly underrated.
  6. Great nightlife
    1. Active nightlife, 365 nights per year
  7. Incredible food from all over the world
    1. Bali is full of healthy vegan/vegetarian options plus every type of cuisine you can imagine
  8. Beautiful people
    1. Canggu, where I’m living, has the highest density of attractive men and women of anywhere that I’ve been
  9. Ride around on mopeds
    1. Riding a moped is the ultimate freedom because it’s a hyper-efficient method of transportation
  10. Not a city but has a city flow of people
    1. Despite spending the first 25 years of my life in cities, I’ve learned that I’m happiest living in touristy beach towns because you get town energy with a city like flow of new people.
  11. Cheap massages and food delivery
    1. I love massages and the efficiency of not waiting in restaurants. Enough said.
  12. Lots of nearby adventures
    1. Endless opportunities to explore nearby islands and towns.

Living here feels like an alternate reality. Unless you’ve experienced Bali, it’s hard to fully describe the magic. Here are two videos to better paint the picture!

Please reach out if you come to visit! 🙂

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