My Favorite Tools & Resources

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This is a list of all of my favorite tools & resources from spending the last 5+ years building internet businesses, traveling the world, and strategically building a happiness-driven life. Here’s the list!

1. My Favorite Life Improvement Resources

These are my two favorite life improvement resources by far. If you enjoy my content then you’ll LOVE these two resources. with Brian Johnson

Brian is my favorite life philosopher. He has awesome content on happiness, finding purpose, overcoming adversity, and a lot more. He gets my strongest possible recommendation.

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The Alchemist

This is my personal bible and I re-read it every 6-12 months. If you're interested in chasing your dreams, this is a must-read.

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2. My Favorite Travel Tools - My Favorite Hotel Booking Site

This is the primary site that I use for all international hotel bookings.

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SafetyWing - Travel Insurance for Nomads, by Nomads

If you want to travel with peace of mind, you should buy travel insurance. This is your best option.

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Airbnb: My Favorite Site For Long-Term Rentals

Airbnb is your best option for finding monthly rentals in almost any city in the world.

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Skyscanner - My Favorite Site For Booking Flights

Skyscanner is now my go-to site for booking flights.

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Private Internet Access - My Favorite VPN Tool

Whether you're looking to buy products from the U.S., watch HBO/Netflix, or just protect your identity online, VPNs are extremely useful when you're living abroad.

Learn More - The Best Tool To Ship Products Overseas

Trying to ship an American product to yourself internationally? This is the service that you need.

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3. My Favorite Travel Credit & Debit Cards

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card

No foreign transaction fees and 1.5% cash back makes this a great primary credit card!

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Charles Schwab Checking/ATM Card - No ATM or Foreign Fees

Schwab has the best ATM card for Americans. They refund all ATM fees which means you can withdraw money anywhere in the world for free.

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Rakuten - Get 2-10% Cash Back on Everything

If you aren't getting cash back on your online shopping, you're missing out on free money.

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Spark Capital One Business Credit Card (1.5% Cash Back)

My business credit card of choice. High rewards, low fees.

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4. My Favorite Travel Items

You can view all of my packing tips and favorite travel items here!

5. My Favorite Tools To Run My Online Businesses - The Best Way To Buy A Domain

I used to use GoDaddy until I found out about Namecheap. It's the same service at a fraction of the cost.

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SiteGround - The Best Web Hosting Provider for New WordPress Users

For new WordPress site creators, I recommend SiteGround without hesitation.

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ConvertKit - The Best Email Newsletter Tool

I've used many different newsletter tools and ConvertKit is my favorite by far.

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Ahrefs - The Best SEO Tool

If you're doing SEO work, Ahrefs is what you need to use.

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Grammarly - The Best Spelling & Grammar Tool

My grammar is far from perfect but Grammarly helps me avoid making any bad mistakes. I require all of my writers to use this tool. If you're doing any online communication or writing, this is a must.

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1Password - The Best Password Manager Tool

Every site is getting hacked now, using a password manager is a must if you want to keep accounts protected.

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Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Notion is a phenomenal tool that I use as a project management tool, a wiki to share information with my team, and a resource storage tool to save information.

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Stripe Atlas - The Simplest Way To Incorporate Your Business

Stripe Atlas sets you up with an LLC and a bank account at minimal costs.

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Slack - Remote Chat Communication

How I communicate with my team. I don't love Slack but I haven't found a viable alternative yet.

Learn More - The Best Remote Video Call Tool

I don't think I need to add much here, Zoom is great.

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6. The Best Sites To Land A Remote Job

Remote Work Hub - The Best Remote Job Board

I built Remote Work Hub to aggregate the best remote jobs on the internet after discovering that most remote job boards have a very limited selection of good remote jobs.

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AngelList - Remote Job Board for Startups

AngelList is one of the best ways to find jobs at early stage startups.

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