The Two Best Life Improvement Resources

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If you’re looking to make major improvements in life, I strongly recommend these two resources.

Every time I go through a major life change I use these to reset and to recalibrate my path because they’re phenomenal guiding forces.

1. by Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is similar to a Tim Ferriss or a Tony Robbins in the sense that he’s a life hacker and philosopher. But why I like him more is that his content is focused around specific topics (i.e. 60 minutes on happiness, 60 minutes on purpose, 60 minutes on living a great year, etc.).

His content helped me to rebuild my life when I started nomading and I’m forever grateful to him.

His tagline is: “Isn’t it a bit odd that most schools go from science to math to history, but somehow miss the class on how to live.”

Tip: Start with the Optimal Living 101 Master Class. That’s where you’ll find the most important learnings!

2. The Alchemist (Book) by Paolo Coelho

The Alchemist is a fictional story and best-selling book (65 million copies sold to date).

The story is all about ignoring society and the voices of others, figuring out what you want to do with your life, and then chasing your goals with relentless focus.

It’s a great story about the journey of life!

You can watch the YouTube video for my full breakdowns of why I love both resources. Or you can just jump in and start learning!

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