What I’m Working On Now – Cam Woodsum

Updated 3/20/20

What I’m Working On:

  1. This site! It’s about digital nomading, remote work, entrepreneurship, travel, and trying to live a good life! You can read about what this site is here.
  2. Two Minute Books: short, actionable book summaries.
  3. Cooking For Busy People: recipes to help you quickly cook healthy and delicious food at home.
  4. A project in the voter registration / get out the vote space: getting more Americans to vote.

What I’m Thinking About:

  1. How to help people improve their lives
  2. How to get the world to prioritize climate change mitigation
  3. How to learn faster

Where I’m Living:

I was living in Bali, Indonesia but I came back to the U.S. because of coronavirus. I’ll be in Boston/Miami until everything settles down.

How To Reach Me:

You can click the chat button at the bottom right of this screen!

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