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A Europe Travel Update for Americans

✈️ The EU recommended on Monday that its 27 member countries impose travel restrictions on Americans, especially those that are unvaccinated. Every EU country has the freedom to make its own decisions and many have since added testing requirements for vaccinated Americans and have either barred unvaccinated Americans or added mandatory quarantines.

I’ll provide rolling updates about this situation, but I recommend tracking this closely via these helpful resources if you’re thinking about heading to Europe.

Lessons From Digital Nomads

👨‍💻 This past week, we published 5 new interviews with digital nomads. Here are some of my favorite quotes!

“Start putting thought into exactly what your ideal life looks like. You don’t need all the answers right now. If you don’t know what you want to do, start by saving and investing a huge percentage of your income. When you discover what you want to do with your life, you may discover either that it takes money to implement or that it doesn’t pay very well; either way, you’ll be happy that you got a head start on building wealth.” – Brian Davis

“We have been able to meet people extremely easily no matter where we were. Some of our fondest memories from traveling the world are from spontaneous connections we made on a bus in Thailand, on a train in Poland, at the airport in Hanoi, or even at an astrophotography shoot in Acadia. Our point is there are thousands of other people just like you traveling the world searching for connections.” – Mark & Kristen Morgan

“I know a lot of people have concerns about living a nomadic life with pets, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. A pet gives you companionship, motivation to get out and do things, and a way to connect with people you meet. And watching your pet enjoy the places you visit makes the experience even sweeter.” – Amy Burkert

“Traveling full-time has given me a new appreciation for the opportunities I had growing up in a small community in the U.S. but also helped me realize that I can shape my life around what I want to do versus what is expected. And meeting people who were raised in different cultures helped me realize that we’re all inherently similar. Even if you don’t speak the same language, practice the same religion, or grow up with the same financial means, there is one common denominator: we all have hopes and dreams.” – Sarah Archer

“One of my biggest fears about travelling overseas was running out of money and being in an emergency situation. I remedied this by making a separate bank account and putting enough money in there to buy the most expensive plane ticket home tomorrow. Just that one thing gave me (and my family back in Australia) a big sense of relief.” – Kassandra Marsh

Get Started To Find Better Business Ideas

🧠 This is a counterintuitive lesson, but this is 100% in line with my own experiences. Getting started leads to better ideas for a few reasons:

1) You begin to spot nuanced problems and opportunities that you didn’t previously realize existed.
2) You improve your skill-set, which means the barrier to building something new is much lower because you now understand how to do previously unimaginable things.
3) You meet other people who help expand your viewpoint on various problems and opportunities

P.S. This is a big part of why I just launched my entrepreneurship coaching program to help other people get started!

Happiness Is About The Journey

🚵 I love this quote. In recent years, I’ve made a conscious effort to enjoy and appreciate the journey instead of purely focusing on destinations. I’ve had to de-program this after growing up in a U.S. culture that preaches achievement and riches as the path to happiness.

The Keys to A Productive Life

🔥 How are you doing according to these criteria? This list is a great journal prompt to reflect on your current productivity and on areas of improvement! If you haven’t journaled in a while, I encourage you to grab a piece of paper or any notes app and start writing. 🙂

Final Thoughts

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