Be Action Oriented And Take Control Of Your Life

If you’re upset about something, you should either take action or stop being upset. I’ve shifted my mindset to the belief that you only have these two choices.

I try to use this basic framework for everything because complaining about something and not taking action makes you powerless and helpless in the world.

Whether you’re upset about your personal happiness, the U.S. election, your job, etc. either make a change or accept the circumstances. There is no middle ground.

Complaining about things and not taking action is a negative cycle and it plays into victimhood.

And on a broader scope, being action-oriented is a massive advantage in life. If you’re an action-oriented employee you’ll get promoted faster and you’ll learn faster because you’ll make things happen.

If you’re frequently in “no man’s land” (not taking action and not accepting the circumstances) then make a change!

Agree? Disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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