Being Grateful For Negative Experiences Will Change Your Life

I’ve learned that I can’t control life’s events, but I can control how I interpret and react to them. If you’re also able to make this small shift, I promise that you’ll feel a dramatic difference in your happiness and positivity.

I’ve begun to view every negative experience as a funny story or as a way to provide the perspective needed to deepen my appreciation for positive experiences.

Notably, this winter in Lake Tahoe, I got locked out of my house in 15-degree weather at 7am wearing only a T-Shirt, sweatpants and socks.

To get to the leasing office, I walked a half-mile through the snow and waited outside only to get denied entry onto a packed public bus because I didn’t have shoes on. And this all happened because I went outside to take a (terrible and grainy) photo of a rabbit!

The old me (pre-2017) would have been angry, and this might have ruined my day. But the new me has embraced the wild journey of life – so I couldn’t help but laugh and think about how great of a story this would be!

While the example from this post is lighthearted, if you’ve read my post about overcoming a five-year depression, you know that I apply this mentality to more serious, life-changing events as well.

We all get to choose how we perceive the events in our lives, and I promise that if you start appreciating all of the negative things that happen (or have happened), then you’ll be much happier.

📷: @dannygrinter