Direct Communication Is A Competitive Advantage & Why Humans Are Poor Communicators

My most valuable lesson from 2018 was learning that humans tend to be very poor communicators and that direct communication is an extreme advantage in business and life.

Many humans are so terrified of confrontation that they will go to any length to avoid uncomfortable situations. This might mean ghosting, lying, hiding from other people, etc.

The result of extremely indirect communication is short-term harmony and long-term dysfunction. Why? Because if you don’t address issues in the moment then they build up and compound over time. This leads to much more explosive situations.

The characteristics of good communication and the advantage

I believe that to be a good communicator, you must be direct, transparent and straightforward. And at the core of this is not being afraid to say things that may make you or the other person uncomfortable.

What I’ve found from working hard to be radically direct and transparent is that it frequently leads to brief and uncomfortable conversations early on in relationships. But it builds a foundation of honesty and creates long-term harmony and trust within relationships.

It also serves as a magnetic force that pushes away people who dislike open and honest interactions and it pulls in people who appreciate this type of radical transparency.

Since so many people don’t communicate well, if you establish yourself as someone who says how you feel instead of bottling things up, people learn to trust you. If there’s an issue, other people can expect that you’re going to address the issue quickly and directly.

Direct communication also leads to viewing human interactions in a different light and thus it leads to spotting business opportunities that others don’t see.

Of all of the skills to work on improving in life, communication is without question one of the most important.

If you’re interested in learning more, here is one of my favorite videos on this topic:

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