Missed Out on Studying Abroad? Now You Have a Second Chance

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Did you miss out on studying abroad in college? Or maybe you got the chance to and now think back on it as one of the best times of your life? Remote workers and digital nomads now have the opportunity to sign up for another course abroad. 

Sojrn is a new startup aimed at growing the digital nomad community using an age-old study abroad course with a slight twist of allowing non-college students to participate. 

The company took the standard study abroad formula but is offering it as a package of long-term study on a particular subject in a fitting international destination. These study abroad sessions are open to anyone over 21 and not for college credits. Boiled down, this is a four-week study abroad session for working professionals.

Studying abroad as an adult

Current Chapters, as they refer to their sessions, for the remainder of this year are subjects like Philosophy in GreeceWine Varietals in ItalyMental Wellness in Ubud, and Spanish in Colombia.

group study and work

The program caters to working professional hours, giving allotted time for work in a partnered coworking space and a café. Each location is guaranteed access to high-speed internet (the aim is 50Mbps+) throughout the trip and within walking distance of accommodations. 

Sojrn’s package offer likely sounds quite familiar to those who have studied abroad in the past. Shared workspaces allow for meeting and collaboration with other attendees, an educational focus of study, private accommodations, and group activities weekly to help you build connections with other like-minded individuals.

Many programs are already sold out and have moved to a waitlist. If you’re interested in joining a Sojrn program for 2021 or 2022, it’s worth getting on the waitlist.

Packages start at $2,800 and include accommodations. Check out all of Sojrn’s programs and specific details here.


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