My Favorite Digital Nomad Travel Gear

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There are a lot of great posts out there about travel gear for nomads but I thought that I’d share my own because I have some gear recommendations that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I’ve also done a ton of research so hopefully this will save you some time. This list is tailored towards men traveling in warm places.

Quick Tips:

1. Bring less than you think that you need because laundry is usually easy and cheap plus you’ll want to buy random stuff
2. Toiletries are generally easy to pick up wherever you are so no need to overdo it. I bring basics such as pepto bismol, sunscreen (more expensive in Asia than in the U.S.) and bug spray.

Best Full Size Backpacks:

I recommend a 45-50L backpack which is the largest carry-on size available. Some people go smaller with 30-40L bags but I prefer something a little bigger. And some people use larger backs that they must check everywhere.
I travel with the Kelty Redwing 50 and I LOVE IT. Here is a rain cover that works well with this bag.
Make sure to buy a bag that has a full length zipper, not a camping bag that only opens at the top.

Best Day Pack:

In 2017 I traveled through Asia with this super light 33L backpack and it was great.
Now that I’m going to South America and Europe, I’m getting an anti-theft backpack to keep my belongings safe. Here is a popular alternative.

Best Underwear: 

The ExOfficio boxer briefs are the best, hands down. They are comfy, don’t smell and last a long time. Somewhere in the range of 4-7 boxers is the right amount.
If you want something cheaper go with these (same material as ExOfficio) or these.

Best Shoes:

I travel with one pair of shoes, black Allbirds. They work for clubbing, nice dinners, working out, and everything else. The only catch is that the soles have little to no traction so I definitely don’t recommend them for hiking or other intense outdoor activities.

Best Sandals / Flip Flops:

I traveled 2017 with these but want a bit more arch support in 2018 so I went with these. Both are great!

Best Socks:

3-5 pairs of socks is the right amount. I have black shoes so I use these.

Best Packing Cubes:

Packing cubes are life savers, make sure not to get heavy cubes though because every ounce matters. My favorites.


Best Shorts:

I LOVE Under Armour’s heat gear shorts. They’re light, comfortable and very plain which makes them versatile. One pair of gray shorts and one pair of black is perfect for me.

Best Pants:

These are my only pants (in black) and they’re fantastic. They can be worn to the beach or the club. Light, casual and formal all at the same time. Plus they don’t wrinkle.

Best Shirts:

Shirts are tough but you want versatility that will work with all of your shorts and pants. I have one Icebreaker T, a couple of Free Fly Shirts, and then I have random Adidas, Under Armour and other t shirts that I’ve picked up wherever. Polyester and light non-cotton shirts are the best but it doesn’t matter all that much. Recommended to pack 5-8 shirts.

Best Boardshorts:

Finding great board shorts with side pockets is a major battle. If someone has a good solution, let me know! I travel with two pairs.

Best Travel Speakers:

This is a great, powerful speaker. I love music so traveling without a speaker would be a blunder for me.


Best Headphones:

If you want to sleep on planes and be able to work in loud areas then buy these and send me a thank you gift. Life changing.

Laptop stand, keyboard and mouse:

I developed really bad neck pain from hunching over and looking at screens.
2. Keyboard – Most keyboards don’t have great reviews with Apple devices so buy an Apple Magic keyboard 
3. Wireless Mouse – USB plug in wireless mouses seem to be the most reliable (versus bluetooth). I love Amazon’s mouse: small, cheap and great.

Second Monitor:

I’ve started traveling with a second monitor and I love the extra screen space. Here’s the recommended stand. To prop up the monitor at the same level as your laptop just use books or boxes locally wherever you go.

Other Key Accessories:

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