The Motivation You Need to Quit Your Job by Gary V

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In early 2017 I had my aha moment when I decided that I was never going to work for someone else again and I needed to figure out how to make money on my own. These videos helped spark that aha moment for me.

I frequently post inspirational videos here with the hope that one of them will spark an aha moment for you as well. This is a must-watch video from Gary V. Enjoy!

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The Written Version:

Many more people should be leaving their job.

Go do your thing. You’re gonna die.

Is it your mind? Is it society? Is it your partner? Why you’re not willing to take one step backward for a step for the rest of your life?

How many people by a show of hands work in a job and are desperate for their side hustle to become their career? Just raise your hands.

So many of you have created golden handcuffs for yourself that aren’t letting you leave your job because you need to make $130,000 a year now because you wanted 700 more square feet in your apartment where you wanted a BMW instead of a Toyota.

Something I’ve realized that really kind of caught me off guard is how many people spend more money on ship than they can afford the fact that 30 fucking 5% of this audience wants their side hustle to be their careers.

But the reason they can’t is because they can’t quit their job because they need their job to pay for dumb shit to impress people they fucking hate.

And so you’re not happy? Because you want two or three things that mean absolutely nothing.

Why are you not willing to take one step backward for a step for the rest of your life?

The amount of people that have emailed me in the last six months because I’ve been on this rant lately, of trying to get people to move back in with their parents at 30 and 40. You’re worried about if you move back in with their parents, or if you’re not married to the job at 31, you are not willing to take a step backward, a step backward, which then affords you the ability to quit your bullshit job. or stop doing your bullshit startup and do something else you love or you think you can be good at?

Like, who the hell’s permission are you looking for to do your thing? Like, who is this person? Is it your mom? Is it society? Is it your partner? Is it the people that are commenting on your social media? Is it something that happened to you when you were nine?

If you’re pessimistic mom’s like, “See, I told you, you could never do it.” If you can’t get over that, then you’re fucking stuck.

Go do your thing. You’re gonna die. It’s going to end. something bad is gonna happen. Something great is gonna happen.

Most of all, nothing’s gonna happen unless you do something.

Please stop looking for permission. Please go do that thing you wanted to do. Ask that person out. Start that company. Quit that fucking bullshit job. You can always get another bullshit job.

How are you not willing to take a step backward? Because of other people’s opinions. And you’re willing to ruin the next 47 years of your life.

Take a fucking step backward to take a step forward for the rest of your life.

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