The Power Of Being 1,000% Committed To Your Cause

If you’re 1000% committed to what you’re doing, major hurdles are only speed bumps. I recently went through one of the most complicated and stressful business situations that I’ve ever experienced.

And the old me would have been discouraged because I used to use major hurdles as an excuse to give up and revert back to the safety of a job or something with more certainty.⠀

But I view what I’m working on now as my life’s work so the only option is to keep sprinting full speed ahead.⠀

There are two key lessons that I want to share from this experience:⠀
1. If you find a cause, mission, or purpose that you’re willing to commit your life to then you’ll be unstoppable and battling through the hard times will be much easier.⠀
2. If you have a strong ethics decision-making framework established (ie if someone does this, this is how I will respond) then excruciatingly painful decisions (based on someone else’s ethical violation) become simple because it allows you to remove your emotions from the decision making process.⠀

Interested in seeing the first concept in action and learning it the same way that I learned it? Watch the movie “A Time To Kill”.

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