Digital Nomad Jobs – Become a part time user tester.


I take it as a given that anyone reading this has full access to the internet and vaguely knows their way around a laptop or tablet, I also assume that a fair few people reading will have had a bad experience at one time or another with a website? Some of you may also just really enjoy correcting other people’s mistakes. If you meet at least one of those high, exacting standards why not consider becoming a (part-time)* user tester?
*Part-time, because this job won’t make you rich

User testing is used by businesses to get honest and reliable feedback about their websites and apps. The aim is to eliminate bad experiences for users and they need help to do it! This is where you come in. By signing up with a user testing site such as the imaginatively named, UserTesting ** you can earn $10 for every 20-minute video you complete. The idea is simple, you log into the site, complete a short test, provide your demographic information, (hopefully) be accepted and test away. The test process is a simple one, you read the scenarios and complete them whilst giving a running commentary on your thought process throughout.
**There are a few user testing companies out there but as the basic idea is the same I will just be commenting on UserTesting. I will include a list of other websites you can use at the bottom. Also, I have nothing to do with UserTesting at all.

Getting started on UserTesting is fairly straightforward, all you need is a laptop or tablet (the tablet allows you to take mobile tests), a microphone and a solid internet connection. You need to be able to download the software, be at least 18 and be able to speak your thoughts aloud in English. All technical details can be found by clicking here.

This is obviously not a way to get rich at $10 a time but if you can manage to do 2 hours worth a week you should easily be able to cover your food/drinks/fun budget for the other 166. I should also point out that the number of test opportunities you get will depend on your demographic and your quality rating so again, it won’t make you rich but if you’re lucky enough to be in the key demographic, whatever that is, and do sterling work it could be ideal.

User testers that use tests on UserTesting are paid through PayPal 7 days after the tests are taken which means as long as you’re able to access PayPal they’ll pay you, pal. Testers are accepted from all over the globe and a comprehensive list can be found on the website.

Other places to look at if you are interested in user testing are: Enroll, StartUpLift, TestingTime and UserFeel. These sites all slightly differ in minor ways but hopefully if user testing is your idea of a good time you will find something to suit. You can also hawk your wares on sites such as Fiverr but I’m not convinced that’s a great way to go.

If you have any experience user testing then help other digital nomads out and mention it in the comments below.