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What’s Important In Life

😃 This quote from Naval deeply resonates with me. I’ve come to accept that making money is only important if it’s done with the intention of creating happiness.

Society teaches us to value wealth and success over happiness but this is a broken way of living life.

You Don’t Need Money To Start A Business

🤑 I 100% agree with this post. If you’re still living with the mentality that you need money or investment to start a business, you’re getting in your own way.

Times have changed and it’s not hard to start a business now with less than $1k.

The Three Stages of Entrepreneurship

🔥 This is a simple lesson that has taken my stubborn ass so long to learn. If you’re thinking about how to scale your organization, this is a great guide.

Two Remote Work Trends I’m Tracking

🛰️ Elon Musk’s Starlink business has the potential to radically transform the remote work and economic opportunity landscape.

Right now there are many places around the globe where remote workers can’t travel because of unstable internet.

And there are places where locals can’t work or learn online because of internet limitations. This could change all of that.

Source: IndieHackers Newsletter

🙎 I’m curious to see how much talent in-person companies will bleed to remote companies once they return to the office.

I suspect that many of these companies will have to evolve their remote work policies to avoid losing key employees.

Simple Living Is The Way

😌 I’m a firm believer that breaking your association between things and happiness is one of the most powerful things that you can do.

Nomading broke this connection in my life. Why? Because I was so much happier living in an ant infested apartment in Bali than when I lived in a beautiful apartment in San Francisco.

This post from the Simple Living subReddit is in line with my current philosophy on this topic.

Final Thoughts

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