What if You Knew You Were Going to Die? (Travel Inspiration by High on Life)

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High on Life is one of my favorite travel inspiration YouTube channels and this is one of their best videos. You can click here to see all of my favorite travel inspiration videos in one place.

Life is short, live out your dreams now!

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“What if you knew when you were going to die… like the exact moment. Would you change what you’re doing today? Would you think about the hours you’ve wasted staring at screens and watching other people live their lives? Would you feel anxious?

Imagine you knew the exact amount of time you had left right now… Would you spend more of it doing the things you love? Would you draft up and act out your grand plans? Would you go on the adventures you’ve dreamt of as a kid? Would you get off your ass and knock down your walls with the drive and courage to chase your dreams? You’ve only got so many days… What have you done with the last 365?

What if you could control how fast time goes? You already know that months fly by when you’re living every day the same. And you also know those special days that feel like a whole week. The days filled with adventures and new experiences and lasting memories.

You have to ask yourself what you want, no one else will figure it out for you. You have to make your own plans. You have to put your own energy into it, and you have to start now.

Stop making excuses, and take control of your life. Time is passing, and you’re still staring at a screen… What are you waiting for? What are your dreams and ambitions? What are you doing to make them a reality? It’s easy to dismiss the message in this video, but ask yourself… What will you do in the next 365 days?

Are you living or just existing?”

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