Why Nomading Is One of the Best Ways to Press the Reset Button in Life

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I’ve been slow traveling (changing places every 1.5-5 months) for about three years now (mostly solo) and I’ve learned that nomading is one of the best ways to press the reset button in life.


1. Freedom from societal pressures and external judgment means you can think freely and independently

When you’re living outside of your home society and you’re an outsider in the society that you’re visiting, you aren’t judged or held to the societal standards of either society. So you gain a huge amount of mental freedom!

2. When you’re surrounded by no one, you’re the most authentic version of yourself

There’s the popular concept (which I 100% agree with) that you are who you surround yourself with. But what I’ve learned is that if you aren’t surrounded by anyone, then you become yourself.

Why this worked:

Spending time in an isolated, judgment-free state of mind, gives you the unique ability to strengthen your relationship with yourself and to reset.

I originally started traveling because I was coming out of a long relationship, I had quit multiple jobs, and I wanted to live cheaply while starting a business. I wasn’t planning to wander forever but here we are three years later and I’m addicted to the nomadic life :).

This has been a transformational experience for me in the most positive way imaginable! Through this process, I’ve developed a much stronger relationship with myself, what I care about, and how I want to spend my time.

It has given me the space to deconstruct my beliefs and rebuild a new foundation for my life without any external influences or noise.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re craving an opportunity to snap out of your current path, reflect on your life, and gain freedom of thought, I strongly recommend spending time wandering the world (or doing a silent retreat).

I’ve found that spending time alone is the best way to reset and to re-calibrate your mind.

You can watch the full, unfiltered video here!

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