Countries Where You Can Live For $1000 Per Month (Digital Nomad Survey)

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If you’re considering the life of a digital nomad, budget is one of the biggest considerations, and for whatever reason, $1000/month seems to be a magical number.

This post is a list of 35 countries where you can live for $1000/month, directly from digital nomads in a popular Facebook forum. With so many options on different continents, you’ll surely find a place that’s perfect for you.

We’ve organized the responses by the number of suggestions for each country, so you’ll know where nomads are most frequently living in these places with this budget.

1. Thailand (18 responses)

“Thailand, easily. Especially the north.”

“Jomtien, Thailand on the Gulf of Thailand near Pattaya.”

“Lanta Island, and Chiang Mai”

“In Thailand you can live with $300.”

2. Indonesia (15 responses)

“Bali, Indonesia”

“Indonesia. Easily under $200.”

“Bali, even $500.”

3. India (12 responses)

“India. And the exciting part is you can keep changing ecosystems (Goa for beaches, Rajasthan for deserts, Himachal Pradesh if you like Mountains, North East India if you like wildlife and forests, Mysore and Haridwar if you like Yoga and Spirituality. Quite affordable.”

“Goa, India”

4. Vietnam (8 responses)

5. Mexico (8 responses)

“Mexico; Oaxaca city rent was $325 for 2bd apt. Puerto Escondido for under $350.”

6. Turkey (8 responses)

“Turkey, we pay 120 euro rent for 2 people a month. You can find cheaper. If you want to share, you can pay 50 euro for a room. It depends on the city.”

7. Serbia (7 responses)

“Serbia. Even in the big cities like Belgrade or Novi Sad.”

8. Albania (7 responses)

9. Morocco (7 responses)

“Morocco! Pretty comfortably!”

“Morocco you’ll live pretty comfortably with this amount”

10. Cambodia (6 responses)

11. Italy (6 responses)

“That’s the average salary in Italy. Comfortably would depend on where in Italy you choose.”

“Even Italy if you live far from city centers, especially in the South.”

“South of Italy, way cheaper than the north, beautiful landscape and OMG the food!”

“Sardinia, Italy you can find an entire flat for 200-300 euro a month (not in the main cities)

12. Ecuador (5 responses)

“I currently live in Ecuador, and with $1000/month you can live the luxury, high life.”

13. Colombia (5 responses)

14. Montenegro (5 responses)

“Montenegro, especially smaller, more cultural cities like Cetinje.”

“Montenegro. Best place to live, amazing night life, modern…amazing nature and they just announced a new project to attract Digital Nomads. $1000 is good for living and enjoying. Heart of Europe, beautiful sea. Cheap flights connected to Milan, Paris, Berlin, London for $30-40 flight. You can’t find it better.”

15. Egypt (5 responses)

“I live in Egypt – Dahab. You can live nicely with 1K.

16. Romania (5 responses)

 17. Georgia (4 responses)

“Georgia is good, particularly Tbilisi.”

“Georgia. You stay 360 days visa-free. Very cheap and safe country.”

18. Ukraine (4 responses)

“You could live comfortably in Ukraine too, with that income, eating out and living a moderately lavish life. Plus, the locals love foreigners!”

“Ukraine, the average salaries are $400. For $200-300 you can rent a really good studio and an average meal costs $5-10. The internet is much faster than in central Europe and it’s also cheap.

19. Bulgaria (4 responses)

20. South Africa (4 responses)

21. Argentina (4 responses)

“Argentina. Rent can go as low as $100 in small towns.”

22. Greece (4 responses)

“Certain parts of Greece for sure! Avoid the common “touristy” hot spot islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Paros and possibly Zakinthos. Check out the cities of Thessaloniki and Ioannina for affordable accommodation with city-like amenities. Wifi can be a bit tricky across certain islands, so it really depends on the accommodation you book. You can check out Naxos, Crete, and Lesvos for good nomad spots!”

“I live very comfortably with this money (it is about 1000 euro a month with all the bonuses) in a spacious, nice flat…in a European metropolis of Athens. The rent here is very low. I pay 230/month.”

23. Malaysia (3 responses)

“Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or any other cities in Malaysia.”

“Penang, Malaysia has great, strong stable wifi, cheap as chips, I’m paying now in a lovely ‘homeshare’ 180 pounds for the month and doubt if I spend 15 pounds a day…Plus you have a UNESCO George Town, lovely beaches, 3 months on arrival, great, friendly people, great attractions, cheap transport. Langkawi on your doorstep!”

 24. Sri Lanka (3 responses)

25. Bangladesh (3 responses)

“With $1000 monthly you can live more than comfortably. You can also invest and acquire assets here.”

“In Bangladesh $1000 is enough for 1 year in a 3-room 2-bath beautiful room and all types of groceries. It’s the cheapest country in southeast Asia.”

26. Guatemala (3 responses)

“Guatemala, Lake Atitlan.”

27. Portugal (3 responses)

“Rural Portugal (away from Lisbon or Porto where the rents are too expensive).”

It’s possible to rent a 1 or 2 bedroomed apt on the Algarve for around €350pm.”

28. Tanzania (3 responses)

“Dar es Salaam, Tanzania”

“If you love Tourism visit Tanzania, you get to see best natural parks in the world, best beach views and you can visit the highest mountain as well as many others and you would still have more than enough money with you.”

29. Croatia (3 responses)

30. Brazil (3 responses)

31. Peru (3 responses)

32. Bolivia (3 responses)

33. Kenya (2 responses)

34. Macedonia (2 responses)

35. The Philippines (2 responses)

“The Philippines, but in the provinces.”

“In Philippines, if you go to Mindanao or Negros Island, you could live even on $500.

Final Thoughts:

While in some parts of the world it might seem impossible to live on a $1000 budget, these nomads have proved that it’s more than possible, and in many places around the world.

Madison Schulz is an American freelance writer living in Paris, France.