Embrace Your Weaknesses, They Have Counter Strengths


  1. Every weakness has a counter strength & how this has changed how I view my weaknesses
    1. Instead of being ashamed of weaknesses, own them.
    2. And if you’re aware of your weaknesses you can work on minimizing them via systems
      1. I’m forgetful but that also means I get overly absorbed in the moment and hyper focus at times
        1. I have systems in place to minimize my forgetfulness (task managers, not putting bags on the ground, writing things down)
      2. I have a problem with talking in long rambly sentences and repeating myself, but this way of thinking helps me to connect random ideas and think differently than other people.
      3. I’m not very good at design and seeing design details, but I’m extremely good at creating things that are minimalistic and efficient
        1. Means that I hired extremely talented designers
    3. I’ve built my life around strengths and weaknesses