If You Want to Make a Habit Stick, Find an Accountability Partner

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Today marks the 30th straight day that I’ve written a micro-essay as part of the #brand30 month-long writing program.

The key to achieving this personal best streak has, without a doubt, been peer accountability.

When you’ve created a social contract with another person that you will do something every day, it pushes you to extreme lengths to avoid breaking the streak.

I’ve had many nights where I’ve cranked out an essay at midnight to keep my word.

I recently implemented this peer accountability strategy with meditation, and I’m now on a 22-day streak, which is close to my personal best.

For any habits that you’ve struggled to implement on your own, I highly recommend finding an accountability partner who is also committed to implementing that habit.

I’ve found it to be a simple and effective way of making new habits stick!

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