Digital Nomads’ Favorite Destinations for Food (Survey + Videos!)

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Have you ever thought about hopping on a plane to enjoy your favorite pasta in Rome, or your favorite crêpe in France? Although the prospect of traversing the globe for a specific dish might seem extreme, many travelers who would do just that.

Take it from me, an American living in Paris. I have access to plenty of delicious food, but if I could fly home for a day for some BBQ or Mexican I would absolutely do it.

It appears there are plenty of digital nomads who feel similarly, as one user in a popular Facebook group wondered where were the places that nomads would go any time, any day to eat a specific dish. The nomads came out in droves to answer this question, as travelers tend to get pretty passionate about food.

We’ve organized the responses for you by popularity and what dishes they recommend, so you’ll know exactly where to book your next flight.

1. Mexico

“To Mexico City to eat those vegan tacos.”

“I can travel to Mexico to eat tacos any day any hour.”

“Mexico (at Cosmic Garden hostel hub in Valladolid, Yucatan), tacos.”

“Mexico; Salbutes

Originating in the Yucatán peninsula, a salbute is a deep-fried tortilla, topped with lettuce, avocado, chicken or turkey, tomato and red onion. Although this user said they would fly to Mexico for these crispy treats, they are also a staple in Belize. 

“Or…Baja Norte, Mexico. For the best fish tacos…and actually tacos of all types in all of Mexico. Need to find the street sellers that cook with local mesquite wood. That takes it to next level. Fish tacos need to be beer-battered with local Pacifico Beer. Puerto Nuevo (lobster town!) style lobster is legendary for seafood foodies. All finished off with the local tequilas and mezcal! Orale!”

“Tijuana, Tacos.”

“Merida, Mexico, panuchos.”

2. Thailand

“Thailand – durian.”

“Thailand- Massaman, Panang, Green Curry”

“Thailand—Pad thai.”

“Thailand – Sticky Rice.”

“Bangkok for pad thai.”

“To Thailand to eat green papaya salad.”

“I can travel to Thailand to eat Khao soi any day any hour.”

Khao soi, otherwise referred to as Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup, is a creamy and spicy yellow curry dish originating in Northern Thailand. It’s a delicious blend of noodles, a rich coconut curry broth and some sort of meat, usually chicken or beef. 

“Krapow moo with a fried egg… Thailand.”

“Thailand to eat sticky rice and mango.”

3. Japan

“I can travel to Osaka to eat sushi any day any hour.”

“Japan, sashimi.”

“Japan, sushi.”

“Japan – Salmon.”

“Japan, Soba Noodles”

“Kyoto to eat fresh sushi”

“Kobe, Kobe beef (you can get it in other places but eating it there was a fun experience).”

Kobe, the capital of Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture and where the name comes from, is the most expensive beef in the world. The cost is largely due to the strict guidelines and standards that go into the production. For example, the beef must meet a standard of texture and firmness, and the cattle itself must be born, fed and processed in the Hyogo prefecture. What is produced is a product with decadent taste and beautiful marbling, and a unique dining experience for anyone willing to pay the extra money for this special beef. 

“I can travel to Kyoto to eat mochi any day any hour.”

“Japan to eat Gohei mochi.”

4. Greece

“Greece to eat Gyros.”

“Greece to eat souvlaki”

“I can travel to Greece to eat Dakos any day any hour.”

“I can travel to Greece to eat moussaka any day.”

Moussaka is one of the most popular dishes in Greece, and is a traditional bake with layers of beef or lamb in a tomato sauce, with eggplants, potatoes, and topped with a delicious bechamel sauce. 

“Greece to eat shopska salad any day any hour.”

5. Vietnam

“Vietnam- fresh springs rolls.”

“Vietnam and eat Banh Mi.”

Banh Mi is a special type of Vietnamese sandwich, served in a French-style baguette, with a combination of meats, vegetables and other condiments. You can find Vietnamese ham, steamed pork roll or other meats, but the sandwiched is usually marked by the assortment of thinly-sliced vegetables–like cucumber and carrot–on top. 

“Vietnam – Pho / Bbq pork and rice / Bhan mi.”

“Vietnam to eat Pho and mango smoothies.”

6. Malaysia

“Travel to…Malaysia for curry laksa. The kind with thick coconuty curry. Sort of like Thai red curry and pho. Living in Vietnam, wasn’t too much into pho. More into bo kho (beef stew) and bo ne (sizzling beef served with baguette, veggies, pate, sausage, eggs, cheese). Had a source for those for about $1.50. Would eat 3-5 of those a day!”

“Penang, Malaysia —- Anything on Chulia Street.”

“Penang, anything at all.”

“Penang- Everything!”

“I can travel to Kuala Lumpur and eat Nasi Goreng.”

Nasi Goreng is Indonesian fried rice, traditionally served with an egg. What distinguishes this recipe from other fried rice is the kecap manis, which is a sweet soy sauce that gives the dish its deep, caramelized color. 

7. Italy

“Italy to eat pasta”

“Italy to eat gelato.”

“Italy to eat everything. Simple, only the freshest ingredients, 3 ingredients.”

“Italy – lasagna; Napoletan pizza.”

“Italy – Pasta; Gelato.”

8. Brazil

“Brazil, acarajé.”

“Brazil to eat Acarajé and Feijoada.”

“Brazil, pão de queijo and acai.”

Pão de queijo, or Brazilian cheese bread, is a traditional dish that is a fan-favorite for travelers. The small, baked rolls are popular at breakfast or snack time. 

“Brazil – Beef”

9. Colombia

“To Colombia to eat Empanadas.”

“Medellin to eat empanadas every day.”

“Colombia to eat papa rellena (vegan version).”

Papa rellena is a Peruvian traditional dish, and is essentially a stuffed potato, or a croquette of fried mashed potatoes with with a meat filling in the interior. 

10. Indonesia

“Indonesia sate and fresh Fruits.”

“Bali- Pepes Ikan.”

“Indonesia, mie goreng.”

Mie goreng, or a spicy fried noodle dish, is a popular and delicious blend of vegetables and a protein and comes together in a sweet and sour sauce.

11. India

“India to eat curry.”

“Tosh (Himachal in India) to eat Breakfast.”

12. USA

“I can travel to Oahu to eat poké any day any hour.”

“Hawaii – Hawaiian pizza. I don’t care what the world thinks. Pineapple and Canadian bacon is a winning combo!”

“New Orleans, crawfish.”

13. Korea

“Korea and eat K BBQ.”

“Nude chamchi gimbap… Korea.”

“Korea, doenjang jjigae.”

A staple Korean stew, doenjang jjigae, or Korean soybean paste stew, is a delicious and hearty meal that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

14. Peru

“Peru, ceviche.”

15. Egypt

“Egypt, koshari

Koshari is a traditional Egyptian dish, mixed in a comforting bowl of lentils, rice, chickpeas, tomato sauce and topped off with crispy onion.

“Egypt, to eat Ewais Mango.”

16. Singapore

“Singapore, Nasi Lemak

A delicious staple from Malaysia, Nasi Lemak mixes coconut milk rice with samba, fried anchovies, toasted peanuts and cucumber. 

“Singapore, pepper crab.”

17. Spain

“Spain, Jamon.”

“Barcelona – tapas.”

18. Pakistan

“Pakistan – Mango”

“Pakistan to eat parathas.”

It seems that every region has its version of a flatbread, and in Pakistan, it’s paratha. It’s a staple in Pakistan’s cuisine, and the simplicity of the bread lends itself to be paired with other foods, like pickles or meat or eggs. 

19. Laos

“Laos to eat jeow man muang.”

“Laos- gaeng nor mai (bamboo soup).”

Gaeng nor mai is a traditional stew from Laos known for its earthy flavors, largely coming from bamboo. This bamboo soup is also often paired with sticky rice. 

20. Honorable mentions:

Istanbul – kokorec.”

London, England– for spicy Indian food. Just remember to ask for MILD.”

Hong Kong for Dim sum.”


South Africa to eat braaivleis and biltong.”

Switzerland, chocolate.”

Tel Aviv to eat anything. Best street food ever! I could eat pitas from ‘Miznon’ there all day every day! And also Karađorđeva steak + šopska salad in Serbia.”

“I can travel to Jordan to eat kanafeh any day any hour.”

Armenia to eat Dolma and Apricots.”

“I can travel to Prague to eat Trdelník any day any hour.”

Ecuador, to eat ceviche.”

Croatia to eat truffles”

Morocco to eat couscous.”

Ethiopia…Some of the tastiest stuff on the planet. A world foodies favorite. So communal with how you share a big piece of soft injera bread used to pick up stews (wat) or sauteed meats and veggies. A lot of European influence in meats and now pasta.”

Latvia Honey Cake/ Medovik.”

Poland, pierogi.”

Lisbon, Pasteis de Nata.”

Argentina, grilled meat.”

Dubai to eat Baba Ganouch.”

Costa Rica, papaya.”

Paris – tomato taste tartin.”

Georgia, Khinkali”

“Cheese kottu roti in Sri Lanka.”

Netherlands for erwtensoep.”

Suriname for roti.”

Romania to eat some “mici.”

Philippines — Balut!”

Final thoughts: Although Mexico was the clear favorite, there are locations in nearly every continent that would warrant a long flight for a quick bite.

Madison Schulz is an American freelance writer living in Paris, France.