How Mailbrew Has Changed My Life (And Might Change Yours!)

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For the last 4+ years, I’ve struggled with a few important problems:

  1. How do I structure my knowledge intake so that relevant, helpful, and insightful content flows to me on auto-pilot every day in a high signal-to-noise ratio?
  2. How do I subscribe to all of the email newsletters that I like without having them clutter my inbox?
  3. How can I learn from the best content posted on social media without using social media itself? (Important in order to avoid getting sucked into the addiction algorithms)

And I’m excited to share that after 4+ years of searching, I think I’ve found my solution! Mailbrew.

But before explaining Mailbrew, why does any of this matter?

I care about this because small daily improvements over a long period of time lead to massive long-term improvements. And rapid improvement is a shortcut to success and greatness.

What is Mailbrew and how do I use it?

Mailbrew is a customizable email digest that you can custom build to display info from almost any source. It can show your calendar, Google news alerts, RSS feeds, your calendar, email newsletters, Twitter, Reddit, and so much more.

My favorite part of the tool is how it aggregates the most popular posts from my favorite people on Twitter and from key subreddits.

This is the most seamless method I’ve found to make sure that I’m constantly learning new things in areas of importance. And I’m now reading it every single day, without fail.

While Mailbrew costs $96/year, the value of learning and growing faster is priceless. If you’re interested in learning more in a short period of time, I highly recommend trying it out!

Here’s a screenshot from parts of my daily newsletter.

What did I try before Mailbrew?

I’ve tried so many different things, but I’ve found they each have their own issues.

If I have too many newsletters in my inbox, it bogs down my workflow and sucks up time.

If I don’t have enough newsletters in my inbox, I miss out on valuable learnings.

If I filter newsletters into a third-party tool like Inoreader or then I go extended periods of time without reading any of this info.

Long story short, nothing else has worked until now.

Final Thoughts:

If you found this helpful, let me know! And if you have an alternative system that you love, I’d love to hear about it.

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