If I Had Seven Minutes to Live, This Is What I Would Share With the World

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If I had seven minutes to live, this is what I would share with the world.

1. Figure out what you want to do with your life and go do it.

Life is short, you don’t have time to wait for the perfect moment to live the life that you want to live, you should do it now. And if you don’t know how you want to spend your time, then hunt and experiment until you figure out your path.

You shouldn’t live your life based on how other people want you to live life or based on how society is living their lives. You should create a custom life that works for you. And I think that’s the journey and the excitement and what I enjoy about life. It’s taken me nine crazy years of searching and through that process, I’ve dropped out of college, I’ve quit jobs, I’ve moved abroad, I’ve done a lot of different things.

But it’s led me to the life that I want to live which is wandering the world, living an enjoyable day to day life, creating content to help other people live good lives, and working to make sure that we don’t destroy the world via climate change.

2. Going for it and not going for it is a binary thing.

You’re either going for it or not in life, and you know which bucket you fall into. And if you’re not going for it, you should make a change.

3. Learn from the experiences knowledge of others, but don’t take advice.

All advice is biased, including my advice. And everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Because you’re unique, and I’m unique, and we’re all completely different. So if you apply cookie-cutter advice from someone else to your life, it probably isn’t going to fit.

4. Your hardest moments in life give you the most strength.

If you’re going through really hard times, or if you’ve been through really hard times, overcoming it will give you strength that you couldn’t have imagined. And you should be proud of that and you should own that because that makes you who you are. And that gives you the backbone that you carry with you in life.

In my life, it’s been overcoming a five year battle with depression during my high school days, that’s shaped how I view the world and how I view myself. And it makes everything else in life so much more beatable because of what I’ve gotten through in my past.

When you come face to face with wanting to take your own life, and you come back from that, it gives you a lot of strength. So whatever you’re going through, know that on the other side, there are better days and that life will be a lot more enjoyable.

5. Don’t chase money, chase happiness and meaning

So there’s this societal myth that if we become rich, we’re just going to be happy. And it’s sold to us by people who are frequently making money by selling that message. And I think it’s the biggest trap in society. There’s this baseline level of income. And above that, the data shows us that happiness does not increase. And so don’t fall for the trap.

Instead of focusing on making money, focus on building a life that will make you happy and give you meaning. Because happiness, it’s a mindset, not a destination. You don’t need success, you don’t need things, you don’t need retirement, you don’t need all these things that you’re supposed to have. You just need to figure out how to live life that will make you happy.

6. Working online and living abroad is the fastest shortcut to freedom and happiness

I believe that happiness comes from being able to spend our time exactly how we want to spend it. And by working online and living abroad, it’ll give you faster financial freedom, location independence, and judgment and thought freedom.

And from my own experience, mostly because my life is really cheap, and I don’t spend much money, I’m living at a third or fourth of the cost of most Americans. I’ve been able to reach financial retirement in a few years while living abroad.

And I’ve also been able to step out of US society and rebuild how I view myself, other people, and the world. Just from the freedom of not being judged by others and not being in my home society. So if you want to make a big change in your life, I strongly, strongly recommend wandering the world.

It’s a great way to live and people are great in the world.

7. When analyzing risk, think about the worst-case scenario and block out the voices of others

It’s easy to get caught up in how people are going to view your decision. But that shouldn’t factor into how you make your decisions. And the worst-case scenario is always significantly better than we realize.

So, tying into all of that is being yourself, and not what society and other people want you to be is really important. In my life, when I moved abroad, quit my job, and tried to figure out how to gain financial and life freedom, the worst-case scenario was I wouldn’t make money and I’d go back and I’d get another job.

So while society thinks a lot of these big things like dropping out of college (which the worst case there is going back to college) are big, crazy decisions, they’re really not.

And so take risks, and just think through the worst case of each one.

8. Your possibilities in life are limitless once you understand you can learn anything and meet anyone via the internet

9. Be friendly, be kind and be grateful because the world needs it

10. Read the alchemist and listen to the philosopher Brian Johnson

Those are my two favorite life improvement resources, and they’ll help you a lot.

11. Climate change is real. Please vote for politicians who care about the future of our world.

If we want our grandkids to exist, this is a critical time for us to act and make changes in the world.

12. A question that I’ve been pondering for many years, is, if you died today, why would your life matter?

And I think after creating this, I could die in peace, knowing that at least the essence of how I viewed life would be captured. And hopefully, this would inspire at least one person to really go for it in life and to live a better life. And that I would have some sort of small lasting impact on the world.

Thank you for reading!

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