Airbnb Adds Wifi Speeds To Some Listings

As someone who wanders around the world while working online, I rely on fast wifi speeds to power businesses (such as this one!). And one of the biggest challenges with booking an Airbnb is trying to figure out how fast the wifi is before booking.

In a very promising development, it appears that Airbnb has rolled out a feature to allow hosts to add wifi speeds to their listings! Give the global shift towards remote work, it’s surprising that there haven’t been any other notable articles about this product roll-out.

You don’t have the ability to filter by wifi speed yet and only some listings have the speed posted. But nonetheless, this is an exciting development for a company that has helped to power a global shift towards long-term travel instead of single location living.

I’ve reached out to Airbnb for comment about when this feature was launched and what the future plans of it may be. I’ll update the article if/when I hear back.

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