Improving Your Life by Eliminating Information and Habits

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Hey Y’all!

Hope you had a great week and that you’re enjoying the newsletter! This week’s theme is about improving your life by becoming more aware of what information you’re allowing into your mind.

I’m an information hacking geek because “blocking out the noise” is critical to staying focused on what matters in life.

Five Things To Share

1. Fighting Infomania: Why 80% of Your Reading is a Waste of Time – Nat Eliason (7 min read)

Nat is one of my favorite writers and life hackers. I’m obsessed with filtering my information intake so that I’m spending less time consuming but learning a lot more. Nat explains this concept beautifully.

2. The News is a Waste of Your Time – Nat Eliason (6 min read)

Am I really sharing two articles from the same author about the same topic? Damn right. This is easily overlooked and underacknowledged. If you haven’t thought about this before, it’s worth deep diving and thinking about whether the news is a net negative or positive in your life.

3. Exercise: Write Down a “Bad Habits To Eliminate List” (5 min exercise)

Learned about this from Brian Johnson a year and a half ago. It’s an exercise that I now do every few months.

We all have certain things in life that we do on a day to day basis that are “time burners” and that don’t add value in our lives. For me, I can get lost in YouTube and I used to read useless articles on ESPN. By writing down habits to eliminate, and then actually eliminating those habits, you’ll free up your time and mind space. Even if you just write down your bad habits without taking action, it’ll make you more conscious of how you’re allocating your time.

4. Productivity Tool: Block Site Chrome Extension (2 min install)

One of my favorite ways to stop myself from visiting sites on my “bad habits to eliminate list.” It’s free and awesome.

5. Quote: “The secret to concentration is elimination.” – Howard G. Hendricks

Addition by subtraction. I love this quote.

Thanks for reading mi amigos! Until next week!


P.S. Louis Bell, mentioned in last week’s newsletter, just won producer of the year at the iHeartMusic Awards! Embrace the journey.

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