Jobs That Allow You to Travel Full-Time (Digital Nomad Survey)

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I think we’ve all been there, scrolling on social media and coming across someone who appears to be living our dream. They’re constantly traveling, posting pictures of crystal clear blue water and white sand beaches.

Although this may seem like a fantasy, these are real people who have chosen to live their lives a little differently, and who are probably working–just like you and me–to obtain it.

So what do these people do for a living? They’re not all influencers, TikTokers and YouTubers, and to prove it I compiled a list of 100+ responses in a popular Facebook group for digital nomads about what they do for work. So take a look at what jobs are possible for you to stop the travel-envy and get on the road.

1. Communications

Copywriting and freelance writing: “Digital marketer/copywriter. You can work virtually anywhere and the pay is very good.”

“I’m a freelance copywriter for software companies. I started from scratch and it’s taken me across 25 countries so far. You can make serious money with this and have a fantastic lifestyle, but you need to put the work in.”

“Copywriting, it is low maintenance in terms of tools necessary and internet speeds but there’s tons of work.”

“Freelance writer then social media manager. I started writing out of necessity as I ran out of money while traveling.”

“Content Writer”

“Luxury Travel Writer!”

“Writer, translator, linguistic revisor, words care-giver.”

“Part-time housesitter (rent-free) part-time copywriter. If not housesitting, full-time copywriter.”

“Copywriting: low maintenance, pretty low barrier of entry, tons of work available.”

“I’m a translator and copywriter. And I can do that from anywhere around the world.”

“Communication consultant.”

“I write emails for other companies.”

Influencer / social media:

“Social media manager”

“Travel influencer.”

“Travel writer/blogger”

Marketing: “Online marketing agency… No previous experience.”

“I leverage online networking! Influencer online with a network marketing platform. It allows me to travel anywhere in the world and still get paid residually.”

“I’m a virtual marketing consultant to practitioners – I basically created the business around my lifestyle goals and it’s worked out pretty well!”

“I run a marketing agency.”

“SEO (search engine optimization).”

2. Teaching

English: “We teach English online.”

“Teaching English online makes enough money for slow travel (renting a 6 month or 1-year apartment priced for locals). For Canadians and American citizens try VIP Kid and choose countries where the USD dollar will help stretch out your income. So far I have found it feasible in Turkey. You need the combination of high-speed reliable internet, a good exchange rate and a time zone compatible with teaching children in China. Turkey and anywhere East of Turkey are perfect, just make sure the country allows you to apply for a short-term tourism residency (Turkey and Georgia do for example…) My company is hiring and you can make a good living off of 15-25 hours a week – but they only hire Canadian and Americans. Teaching in Latin America is also feasible but you could become a bit of a working night owl especially on the weekends.”

“I’m an online ESL teacher! I don’t make much money by any means, but as I’m a relatively recent college grad and am just starting in the field, I’m okay with working my way up. And as I’m doing that, I might as well do it while slow-traveling through cheap destinations!”

“My husband and I reach English online.”

Other disciplines: “I teach tango.”

“So many things you could teach all over the world. English, art, dance, exercise (yoga, etc.).”

“Online teaching…15 years now.”

“I’m an online personal trainer specializing in physical therapy for reconditioning to athletic training. My clients are often digital nomads trying to stay fit and have helped me become a digital nomad too.”

“I am the CEO of a math tutoring website.”

“I’m a teacher (time off!), and I work in travel (industry discounts and earning commissions back on my travel).”

“Online University Professor.”

3. Tech

Software: “Software developer.”

“Software Engineer”

“I do software development freelancing. I generally only go to places with good internet.”

Web design:

“I do websites development, app development and anything else internet. You can take up a core niche, preferably on something you are good at, like doing or you are talented in. Perfect your skills in it, you will stand out above the normal rating. This is how you get hired.”

“I do web design. Anything that can be done online will let you travel around.”

“Designer (UX/UI) – mostly have done client work for the past 10 years with a few “jobs” in the mix.
Currently, I’m the co-founder of a crypto exchange (run design) we started last year.

“I’m a web developer.”

“Web developer/software engineer. My boss doesn’t care where I live or where I work from, all he cares about is if I get my projects completed.”

Security: “Security Analyst – I discover vulnerabilities in Web-mobile apps and networks.”

3D: “I started my own business that offers courses and digital products for a 3D modeling software for architects. I was an architect looking to travel and created this business to allow me this lifestyle.”

“3D/motion graphics commercials. It’s amazing that a few years ago I was confined to an office doing pretty much the same thing. Now things are shifting so fast I can do this anywhere. Looks like other places are more accepting of the idea because of the pandemic. If you can do your job from a laptop with the internet but your boss can’t see that, quit.”

Tech sales: “I help tech organizations ( SaaS industry) increase their revenue by putting their services in front of the right decision-maker, I’m a remote sales development representative.”

4. Sales / Finance

Sales: “I sell collagen online.”

“Sales- I used to fly 80% of the time across Southeast Asia pre-pandemic.”

“I am a business and sales coach for people that want to develop their online business, I also sell my fitness brand on Amazon and I am an areal stare investor. I have changed my life last year when pandemic started and 2 of my business shut down in Los Angeles.”

Managing/ consulting: “I’m an online business manager with clients on 3 different continents.”

“Analytics…I can work remotely anywhere in the world and for any industry.”

“Global business consulting – and yes I did it for the travel!.”

Finance: “Financial markets, tech, IoT, real estate”



“Remote mortgage banker”

“Finance (for myself). I’m also a diving instructor, so usually I choose diving destinations and live there for at least 6 months.”

5. Health and Wellness

Sales for health and wellness: “I just got connected to a health and wellness company doing high ticket affiliate sales. Both direct sales and also building teams. Organic marketing and automated through ads. Learning everything through an amazing training platform and community.”

Mental health counselor: “I’m a mental health counselor for women of color who are daughters of immigrants. I do tele-health sessions which allow me to travel and live life on my terms. I get to have time to take care of my own wellbeing so I can keep taking care of others.”

Online trauma counselor: “I have been traveling solidly stopping for a max of only a few months in one country, then onto the next, for the last 2 years. Currently based in Mexico. I help people heal release trauma online.”

“Spiritual mentoring guidance.”

Health coach: “Holistic health/wealth coach, doTERRA essential oils, Healy, online ESL instructor … the possibilities are endless. I’m happy to offer a complimentary brainstorming session (former HR professional)! good luck.”

“I give online meditation sessions.”

6. Aviation

“Flight crew.”

“Flight crew. I block my schedule so that I work two weeks, and am off two weeks. I’ve lived in Paris, San Francisco, New York City, Florence, Nice, and most recently, Kauai. The on two/off two works for me because I actually get to spend those two weeks LIVING somewhere rather than being tethered to a computer in a bedroom beholden to a time zone somewhere else. I’m already used to living from a suitcase, so it is a really easy transition for me, and I don’t take work with me when I’m not there.”

“Cabin crew. I was traveling to 56 countries just within 5 years.”

“Become an OBC – On-board courier.”

7. Miscellaneous jobs:

“Mine was way before the digital era so it was physical jobs: bar, hotels, ski resorts etc and so much easier getting a job, just used to walk up and say give me a job.”

“Inventor. As for what I’ve invented? Various things from accessories for GoPros to hard drive computer accessories, to LED products. Just whatever I feel like making usually. I patent, create and sell the things I create (not always in that order). And if they’re really popular, distributors sell them too.”

“Martial arts instructor and photographer.”

“I’m a children’s book illustrator, mainly digital.”

“I run a tour company which takes online bookings and connect them to local operators.”

“Vacation Rental Management Company Owner.”

“Virtual assistant!”

“I am a fashion designer that owns her own label with her wife, since 2009.”

“I’m A chef on superyachts. Depending on the boats programme is can travel a fair bit in a year; or stick to just a couple of ports.”

“Work for the US government. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s allowed us to live in 3 countries overseas so far, and travel to 85 countries (not all for business, many were just for vacation).”

“I retouch photos for photographers, magazines, brands, commercials from all over the world. Started this as a hobby 10 years ago, but then grew my clientele internationally and to had to start an retouching agency.”

Final Thoughts:

As promised, in this post there were many examples of work that you can do from anywhere. So whether it’s writing or online sales, you know what are the possibilities if you’re serious about taking your talents on the road.

Madison Schulz is an American freelance writer living in Paris, France.