Lessons From Slaughtering My Ego

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I recently accepted that there are and always will be people who are better than me at everything that I’m good at. And this isn’t weakness or me being defeatist.

This is me realizing that to reach the next level in my entrepreneurial journey, I need to destroy my ego and start working with elite people.

I’ve disconnected the need to view myself as being great in favor of building teams to optimize for results. In other words, I’ve realized that if I want to hit home runs instead of singles, I need to work with people who have hit home runs before.

Since I changed my approach a couple of months ago, I’ve started getting mentored by content entrepreneurs who are miles ahead of me. And this has led me to hire some badass people to work on my team.

If you have any mindsets holding you back from reaching your potential in business or life, kill them off and keep moving forward.

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