The Quietest Large Cities in the World (Digital Nomad Survey)

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Sometimes living in a large, exciting city can come at the cost of quiet and tranquility. But according to some digital nomads in a popular Facebook group, you can find the best of both worlds.

These are the countries that came up most frequently:

1. Stockholm, Sweden (7 responses)

“Stockholm is one of the quietest cities I’ve ever been to. People are very introverted and there isn’t much chatter going on, and when there is the volume is very low. It’s almost totally silent on public transport (except for weekends of course). Cars are also banned from many streets in the city.”

“100% Stockholm, Sweden. An abundance of green space, open plazas, lush green parks, free/ open soccer/football fields, trees, excellent public transportation, bike paths, and very walkable. Stockholm is incredible! Keep in mind, it’s still a major city so some level of noise still exists. But it is night and day to almost every other major city I have lived in.”

2. Tokyo (6)

“Well according to many people the Japanese cities are like that and would be something that you are looking for. Tokyo is the largest city in the world and is very quiet.”

“Agreed, Tokyo is shockingly quiet. Largely it seems because cars don’t dominate.”

3. Vancouver, Canada (5)

“Vancouver hands down is a quiet city with a lot of nature, so you can find nightlife and parties but also find complete tranquility in a forest without ever leaving the city center. Google it. Expensive though.”

“Vancouver, quiet and peaceful!”

4. Kyoto (5)

“For me, Kyoto wins for sure.”

5. Zurich, Switzerland (4)

6. Copenhagen, Denmark (4)

7. Helsinki, Finaland (3)

8. Vienna, Austria (3)

9. Ljubljana, Slovenia (3)

10. Singapore (3)

11. Brussels, Belgium (2)

“Brussels! Had a wonderfully relaxing few days there.”

12. Venice, Italy (2)

13. Zagreb, Croatia (2)

14. Luxembourg, Luxembourg (2)

15. Munich, Germany (2)

“Munich. That place shuts down at like 8 pm, you can hear a pin drop.”

16. Bergen, Norway (2)

17. Vientiane, Laos (2)

“Vientiane in Laos and Chiang Mai in Thailand. Both are very quiet and safe and peaceful.”

18. San Francisco, United States (2)

19. Melbourne, Australia (2)

20. Auckland, New Zealand (2)

Madison Schulz is an American freelance writer living in Paris, France.