The Rise and Future of Digital Nomading

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I’ve previously shared some of Pieter Levels’ content and story. In case you haven’t read that post, he’s the Founder of NomadList & RemoteOk and is one of the most prominent digital nomads. He did a detailed breakdown of the future of digital nomading which is a great watch (or you can read the written version on his site).

The key takeaways from the video are that:

  1. The freelance industry and internet speeds are both increasing quickly
  2. Fewer people are getting married in the U.S. (which leads to reduced homeownership)
  3. Travel costs between places are generally decreasing while also increasing in speed

In Pieter’s words:

“To summarize, we have fast, cheap internet, fast, cheap air travel, so many freelancers, everybody’s almost a freelancer, nobody’s marrying (or less people, at least), and everybody’s dating everyone. There’s no ownership, so I only have a laptop in my back … Like nomads, we’ll move around the world. We don’t own anything. Most of us, what we do is rent, use Airbnb, or stay in hotels, we buy food, that stuff.”

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