Why You Should Travel the World

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As someone whose life has been changed by travel, I feel a moral obligation to share travel inspiration with others. Here’s one of my favorite videos :). It’s from the team at TruTravels.

You can also read the written version of the video below.

It doesn’t ever really sink in, noticing, realizing it for yourself…..After all the packing, the goodbyes, the tears, the journey, the confusion, the shock…. before finally stepping outside without a bag strapped to your back and breathing in a different air, a different time zone, a different culture.

For some, it takes a day or even a week, some won’t even realise until they get back to their 9 – 5 routine (if you go back of course), you may walk into the office and your best friend at work will say “what’s new?”, and you’ll be stuck for words, because what you’ve just realized is that what you’d done over the last few months…was more than you’d ever done in your life.

It’s a change, a realization that ‘we’….we are some of the luckiest people on the planet, to have the ability to sit in a metal tube for 12 hours then touchdown on the other side of the world, to be able to work for a few months and see these incredible places that only some would dream of seeing.

The realization that you’re lucky, you’re lucky, that the places you’ll see, the things you’ll do and the memories you’ll make will stay with you forever and not only that…. but you’re lucky that you’ll share all these things with incredible people from all around the globe, who have all made the same decision…. they packed a bag, they jumped on a plane to far off places for exactly the reason that you did….the journey.

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