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Lessons From Digital Nomads

👨‍💻 This past week, we published 4 new interviews with digital nomads, here are some of my favorite quotes!

“Find your enough. Find out how much money you need is enough to feel secure, how much work you have to do to make that amount, take care of yourself in the best possible way, and enjoy the rest of your time because life is short.” – Becca & Brandon Rich

“Meeting other people who have dared to forge their own path helps me trust that this is sustainable and what’s right for me. There’s something so special about the friendships you make as a nomad because what you share runs deeper than just going to the same school or growing up in the same place; you see the world in the same way.” – Maria Eilersen

“I would also recommend staying in an Airbnb when you first get there and try to look for a private room instead of the whole place if they serve breakfast even better. This gives you a free tour guide and a priceless few tips about the city from a local. We made so many friends from our Airbnbs; our trips definitely wouldn’t have been the same without them.” – Tom Saxon

“My best advice for someone interested in becoming a blogger is to simply start a blog. Luckily, blogs are extremely affordable to start, so there’s really no reason to not try. I ran my blog for the first year for around $100 for the WHOLE YEAR…My second piece of advice is to not give up too soon. I didn’t even make my first $100 blogging until I was doing it for six months.” – Michelle Gardner

7 Micro-Essays From The Last 7 Days

✍️ I’m in the midst of a 30 day challenge of publishing a micro-essay every single day. Here are my most recent essays!

Day 23: The Key To Getting Work Done While Traveling 👨‍💻

Day 24: The Power of Habit Elimination vs. Moderation

Day 25: How I Escaped the Rat Race by Re-Selling $50K+ of Allbirds

Day 26: My 10 Favorite People on Twitter

Day 27: Are You Optimizing Your Life for Happiness?

Day 28: You Don’t Need Funding to Start a Business

Day 29: The Simple Success Advice That Most People Aren’t Following

Taking Ownership Over Your Life

🔥 As a firm believer in taking ownership over your life and having experienced my own major struggles, this quote speaks to me. While we can’t control external events, we all get to choose whether to be owners or victims of our lives.

Epicurus’s Three Keys To Living A Great Life

🏝️ I stumbled across this passage a few weeks ago and I love the simplicity with which Epicurus (a famous Greek philosopher) thinks about optimizing your life.

His three keys to a great life include 1. Friendship 2. Freedom 3. Examining Your Life.

The Path To Early Retirement Is Passive Income

💰 This is a philosophy that virtually every personal finance thought leader shares. Anyone who wants to scale their income needs to be thinking about how they can build income streams that don’t involve trading their time for money.

Healthcare Costs In The U.S. vs. Abroad

🏥 I’ve found the principle from this Reddit post to be true: healthcare costs abroad are generally ~10x cheaper than in the U.S.

It’s a big reason why medical tourism is a $50B+ industry. If you’re traveling and are thinking through health insurance options,  check out this article that I published.

Final Thoughts

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