Credit Card and Banking Recommendations for Digital Nomads

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This is chapter 8 of an 18-part series about digital nomading and location independence. To see all of the other chapters, click here!

There are four cards you need:

  1. An ATM card that doesn’t have ATM fees or international transaction fees (Charles Schwab is the most popular option and my personal choice)
  2. A credit card without foreign transaction fees (here’s a list of options)
  3. A backup ATM card stored separately
  4. A backup credit card stored separately

Backup cards are critical because you will lose a card or two at some point. Getting stuck without money or access to money in a foreign country is not an ideal situation and is a very easy one to avoid.

I love Schwab because every time I’ve lost my Schwab card, they’ve express shipped me a new card for free. This process is easy, you just contact your card provider and let them know where to ship the new card!

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