Looking for an actionable guide on how to live a nomadic or location independent lifestyle? You’ve come to the right place!

What Is Digital Nomading And Why Do People Love (or Hate) It? – Chapter 1

How to Make Money From Anywhere (Digital Nomading / Location Independence) – Chapter 2

Digital Nomading Solo vs. With A Remote Travel Program (+ The Most Popular Programs) – Chapter 3

How To Handle Health & Travel Insurance While Digital Nomading – Chapter 4

How To Handle Taxes As A Digital Nomad – Chapter 5

How To Handle Cell Phone Plans As A Digital Nomad – Chapter 6

Credit Card and Banking Recommendations For Digital Nomads – Chapter 7

What To Pack When You’re Digital Nomading – Chapter 8

The Three Most Popular Digital Nomad Travel Styles & Pros/Cons – Chapter 9

How to Pick Destinations, Handle Visas, & Book Travel As A Digital Nomad – Chapter 10

How To Book Long-Term Housing As A Digital Nomad – Chapter 11

Six Awesome Airbnb Tips (From A Full-Time Traveler) – Chapter 12

How To Meet People When You Move To A New City – Chapter 14

12 Things To Know When Moving To A New City As A Digital Nomad – Chapter 15