Help Me or Get the F*ck Out of My Way

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I adopted this mentality when I started my first serious business at the age of 18. I was managing a hip-hop artist, and I had big dreams, but a high percentage of people I interacted with doubted what we were doing and my ability to execute.

So I took on a simple mentality: help me or get the fuck out of my way. If you weren’t helpful and only wanted to inject some “realistic expectations” of how we were likely to fail, I had zero interest in being around you.

I proactively used this approach to remove people from my life. Non-credible, non-constructive, negative people are the most toxic, dream-crushing people that you can be around. And when starting a new business, your mental state can be pretty vulnerable.

Blocking out these people and focusing purely on executing is the most important thing you can do.

If you’re starting a new business, be careful whose opinions you allow to seep into your brain. And take great care to evaluate whether that person is where you want to be or just a person with an opinion.

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