Due to the proven risk of social media companies updating their algorithms and wiping out page engagement, email subscribers are more valuable than ever.

This is a repost of a fantastic Twitter thread from Ari Lewis about how to start and grow and email newsletter. I also strongly recommend reading this post about the rise of paid newsletter entrepreneurs (a newly booming industry).

Here’s the thread:
Want to start a newsletter? Don’t know where to start?

Every week someone asks me how to start a newsletter. My response is always the same.

Here’s what I tell them.

Sara Wants to Start a Fashion Newsletter
• Too vague. Find a niche within a niche within a niche.
• Fashion -> Jeans -> Jeans Celebrities Wear
• Now Sara is starting a newsletter covering jeans that celebrities wear

Who Will Read It?
• It’s not enough for your newsletter to just be a niche, but it must be for a specific group
• Example: a newsletter about jeans that celebrities wear for the fashionista
• There is a CLEAR audience in mind who would benefit from subscribing

What to Write?
• Don’t have anything to write?
• Start with curated links or photos
• Choose 3 photos of celebs wearing jeans that week
• Start with why you like the jeans, why you don’t and where readers can buy the jeans

What Tools to Use?
• Start with Mailchimp
• It’s free for the first 2,000 subscribers and easy to customize
• Create a landing page using Mailchimp (optional step)
• Don’t waste time choosing tools, focus on content creation

How to Promote It?
• Once you launch, share it with friends
• Ask your friends to share it
• Go to niche communities and share your newsletter
• Try subreddits and Facebook groups
• If you know your niche, you’ll know where to post

Why Start a Newsletter?
• Starting a newsletter shows people you understand a topic
• What sounds better? “I know a lot about fashion” or “I run a fashion newsletter”
• Don’t start a newsletter to impress people
• Do it because you want to

• It could take years to find success
• For the first three months, don’t worry about subscribers or read rate
• Just focus on creating value to your readers
• Success will follow

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