Money Should Be Viewed as a Tool for Freedom, Not More Things

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I now have a deep, negative reaction to successful influencers who use money and flashiness to appeal to mass audiences. Tai Lopez and hip hop music are the best examples of this.

This perpetuates society’s training that money is what we should all be striving for (when we really should just be trying to figure out how to be happy!).

I’m guilty of managing a hip hop artist who rapped about money so I certainly don’t have clean hands here (but he was broke and most people probably knew that, so maybe it’s okay? 🙂 ).⠀

I made the shift in 2017 from viewing money as a way to directly increase my quality of life (by spending money on nicer things), to viewing money as a tool to create personal freedom and world impact.

What I mean is I shifted to living a minimalistic lifestyle where money beyond a certain level doesn’t serve any purpose in improving my life – but it does serve as a tool to create greater world impact and change.

If you can re-wire your brain to disassociate things and happiness then it will change how you view the world and your life journey.

The easiest shortcut is to go travel cheaply in places with a low cost of living and very happy people (Bali, Chiang Mai, Vietnam, Medellin, etc).

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