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Happy July 4th!

My old newsletter was simple and boring (I’m sorry!). The new and improved weekly newsletter is going to be much more interesting, helpful, and all around awesome! If you have feedback on how to improve it, please don’t hesitate to reply.

Each week, I’ll be sending you my favorite learnings from the week regarding entrepreneurship, remote work, digital nomading, FIRE, and life optimization! Let’s get started.

What Inspired This Newsletter Change

📥 I recently started using an email newsletter called Mailbrew that has dramatically increased how much I’m learning on a daily basis. I wrote a detailed article about how this newsletter has changed my life so if you’re interested in learning more in less time, check it out!

What Countries Are Open For Travel + My Travel Plans

🇪🇺 Most of Europe is now open to vaccinated Americans! TripsGuard is an amazing resource if you’re looking for detailed info about which countries are open/closed for you based on your passport and vaccination status.

🌎 I’m currently in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico but plan to head to Rome, Italy; Berlin, Germany; and Tenerife, Spain this fall. If you’re interested in meeting up in any of those places, please let me know!

Life Lessons

🐙Going through a major personal transformation is underrated. If you don’t like who you are, make a change!

You can click the link above to read about one of my transformations.

📚I 10,000% agree with this statement. I firmly believe that attachment to things is one of society’s biggest traps.

“The whole advertising industry and consumer society would collapse if people became enlightened and no longer sought to find their identity through things. The more you seek happiness in this way, the more it will elude you.” –The Power of Now

💰What most people don’t understand about people who retire early (people frequently equate retiring early with doing nothing).

Entrepreneurship Lessons

👨‍💻 This is precisely how I think about starting businesses. Perfectly said.

🤔 Great, simple advice about how to build businesses. I’ve definitely made this mistake before.

Credit to Stefan Vetter

🔑The formula for success

There’s a concept that I’ve been thinking about lately about entrepreneurial success. For people who work extremely hard, are constantly improving/learning, and are focused on starting businesses, it’s a matter of when, not if.

If you’re dedicated and improving, then it’s not whether you’ll succeed, it’s just how long it will take you. Whether that might be in 3 months or 10+ years.

For me, shifting from the if to the when mindset was powerful and helped me to truly start believing in my future success.

How To Meet People While Nomading

🧑‍🤝‍🧑This is great advice on how to meet people while nomading. A few other ideas that I’ll add are: hostels, hostel bars, and local nomad/expat Facebook groups.

Final Thoughts

I’m working to make this one of the best newsletters you get each week. If you have feedback, ideas, or reading that you think I’d enjoy, don’t hesitate to reply.

Sending you good vibes! 🤙


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