The Ultimate Guide To The Psychology of Success

I’ve spent more than a decade closely studying successful people to understand how they’ve achieved success and how I can set myself up to be successful.

This is what I wish someone would’ve shared with me.

Most Important: The best way to learn something new is by studying the best

If you want to be as good at basketball as Kobe, study Kobe. If you want to be successful, study successful people.

This is a simple principle but most people don’t maniacally study the leaders in whatever field they’re interested in.

I learned a lot more by listening to successful people talk about how they became successful than I did in any college business classes.

Second Most Important: There aren’t any rules but there are some best practices

Everyone is biased by their own personal experiences.

Some say: “Follow your passion!” Some say: “Don’t follow your passion!” Who’s right and who’s wrong? That’s a matter of opinion.

It’s important to accept that while there are suggested paths and best practices, there aren’t any hard and fast rules with success or life. And ultimately, you have to figure out what’s best for you.

The best learning resource to understand the psychology of success

Go to Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel and search “10 Rules For Success.” His channel is the best resource that I’ve ever come across because he has aggregated the best success learnings from all of the most successful people in the world.

Every video is a 10-20 minute highlight reel of a successful person explaining how they view success.

You can read books, listen to podcasts, and watch long-form talks (and you should!) but Evan’s content is the fastest shortcut to quickly understanding the principles of success.

Here’s an example:

The RICHEST Person in HISTORY Shares His Best PIECE of ADVICE!

My biggest takeaways from a decade of studying success (specifically personal success, not company success)

These are all of my best learnings, jam-packed into a short post.

1. You don’t have to be the smartest person, but you do have to work your ass off

Some successful people are truly brilliant (i.e. Elon Musk and Steve Jobs) but there are a lot of people who admit they aren’t the brightest but that they’ve worked their asses off (Will Smith, Dana White, and Mark Cuban are examples).

“If other people are working 40 hour work weeks and you’re working 100 hour work weeks, you’ll achieve in 4 months what it takes them to achieve in four years.” – Elon Musk

Will Smith - Not Afraid to Die on

2. You have to be relentless

A lot of the most successful people in the world struggled in some capacity early in life. Why? To be very successful, you have to push through extraordinarily difficult times and if you’ve already learned to overcome challenges then you have a headstart.

Overcoming Your Adversity is the Key to Success

3. Surround yourself with and work with success-oriented people

Our minds are echo chambers of the information that we feed into them. If you want to be successful, then surround yourself and work with successful people.


4. Successful mentors can help you on your path

Similar to the concept of surrounding yourself with success, if you assemble a group of mentors who have achieved what you want to achieve, they can help guide you where you want to go.

Who are Your Mentors - Tony Robbins

5. You must take risks and carve a unique path in life

To be ultra-successful, you have to take bold risks and you’re best off living a different life than the average person. Why? Because if you live a different life than you’ll have a unique vantage point and you’ll spot opportunities that others don’t see.

Apple Think Different - Steve Jobs Narrated Version

6. You must have a growth mindset

The idea of a growth mindset (read more here) is that while everyone is born with different baseline skill levels you can control how good you become at anything. The core belief is that effort=results=improvement.

7. Act with urgency and do things that you love!

Life is short and opportunity windows are short. If you want to do something special in this life then you have to operate as if the clock is ticking (because it is!).

Steve Jobs - Motivational Speech

Final Thoughts:

Get out there and kick some ass! I hope this is helpful to you. If you want to discuss this further, click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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