Reflecting on a Crazy 2018 + Staying Near the u.s. + My 2019 Plan

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I’m currently writing this from my parents’ place in South Florida where I’ve been hanging for the last month and a half. Still deciding when and where to go next but will be somewhere in the U.S. or Latin America – more on that below.

It has been an intense last four months:

  1. I shut down two of my four businesses (to narrow my focus on what’s working well)
  2. I moved on from two different business partners
  3. And I’ve decided not to go back to Bali and that I’m going to stay put in/near the U.S. for six months while I do a round of Accutane (an acne drug)

2018 Overall:

2018 was a bit of an up and down year for me both personally and professionally, but overall I grew tremendously, gained financial freedom and continued to travel the world (US, Colombia, Serbia, Hungary, Indonesia).

Two of my big goals this past year were to beat acne holistically and to scale up my operational businesses (Bill Slasher and a dropshipping business). While it wasn’t for lack of effort, I failed on both fronts.

Coming up short is never fun. But not succeeding with operational businesses has enabled me to refocus on passive businesses (where I’ve had the most success) and battling acne has made me a stronger and more resilient human.

Outside of these two shortcomings, virtually every other aspect of my life is exactly how I want it to be. I’ve worked extremely hard over the last two years to redesign my mindset and life in pursuit of happiness, freedom and, impact.

And through this process, I’ve gained financial freedom, rethought what I want from a life partner, traveled the world, figured out how I want to spend my time long term, and I’ve learned and grown more than at any other time in my life.

Personal Reflection:

I’ve continued to love living a location independent lifestyle where I’m free to live anywhere in the world. And I don’t have any immediate desire to settle down in one place in the traditional sense.

This past year I was more honest and open than ever before (wrote about the lowest point of my life). Writing is something that I find therapeutic, and this year I plan to express myself a lot more.

My Best Writing of 2018:

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Business Reflection:

I recently shut down both of my operational businesses (Bill Slasher and a drop shipping business) to focus on scaling my passive businesses (FanBump and a few stealth businesses)

The last two years has been a big experiment for me where I’ve stealthily worked on many startups in various industries. Now I’m taking everything that I’ve learned and am focusing in on content and SEO based businesses – where I’ve had the most success.

Furthermore, most of these businesses will be personal development/education focused on the goal of helping people to improve themselves and their lives.

Final Thoughts:

I love hearing from people so if we haven’t connected in a while don’t hesitate to reach out!

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