My Best Writing of the Year + Recapping My 2020 So Far

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Hope you’re doing well wherever you are in the world! 2020 has been a crazy year for me (and for all of us). I’ve done the best writing and work of my life during COVID-19 so here’s a quick list of writing that you may enjoy + an update on everything that’s happening in my life.


I came back to the U.S. from Bali in early March and I’ve been waiting out the COVID storm in South Florida and New England. I’m ancy to get back to an island surfing lifestyle and I’m heading to Barbados for the winter starting in Mid-November!

Personal Life:

Nothing big to report here. I’m doing well :). Just weathering the craziness in the world like everybody else. It has been great to reconnect with my family though. COVID-19 led my family to live together again for a couple months (something we haven’t done since childhood and that we likely won’t have the opportunity to do again).

COVID-19 Work:

Since late March, I’ve been working full-time on educating governments about containing COVID-19. Ideally, the U.S. and other governments would be on top of this without citizen help, but governments are a lot more dysfunctional than I realized.

Most of my work has been centered on getting western governments to recommend/mandate mask usage but I’ve also helped to popularize the importance of testing and tracing.

The mask work has been the most successful and impactful by far as our campaign reached more than a billion people within a month of launching and helped convince 100+ countries to mandate masks countrywide.

This is certainly the most impactful work that I’ve ever done in my lifetime. It’s precisely the type of opportunity that I’ve been searching for since I started my journey of achieving financial freedom to work on high impact opportunities.

It’s also been some of the most frustrating work though. It’s been difficult to understand why so many people in our country and the world are working against the interests of people’s health and restoring economies. Some of this can be explained by the Dunning-Kruger effect or by the media’s intent to divide but it’s still hard to wrap my head around this.

Other Work:

Beyond those two endeavors, I’ve also been working on voter initiatives and I recently launched to help get people registered to vote by mail.

I recently launched which is a book summary website, I’ve been working on social justice and police reform, and I launched a site called about all things black business.

I’ve also been writing a lot at and and I’m testing the waters on podcasting and vlogging.

Lots happening!

My Best Posts of 2020:

I’ve done my best writing during the COVID pandemic so here’s a list of my best work! is where I write about society, politics, and anything that doesn’t fit on other sites.

Freedom Is Everything (this site) is where I write about digital nomading, life improvement, and all other things freedom (mostly working online and traveling the world).

Some of them are my writing and some of them are aggregations of other people’s writing. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about any of this, I love hearing from people!

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