The “Digital Nomad Village” in Madeira (Portugal) Sounds Awesome!

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Madeira, Portugal is a stunningly beautiful island off the coast of Morocco that’s sometimes referred to as Europe’s version of Hawai’i.

I had never heard of Madeira before but it seems like an awesome nomad destination! Why? In simple terms: surfing, a beautiful island, inexpensive, and a mild climate.

Airbnb’s are shockingly inexpensive and beautiful. And NomadList pegs the cost of living at less than half of major U.S. cities.

The Digital Nomad Program

In an effort to attract Digital Nomads to the island, Madeira is launching Digital Nomads Madeira, a 2021 program from Feburary 1st to June 30th where 100 nomads will all live in the same town (Ponta do Sol) and will share a coworking space.

Applicants must commit to staying for at least a month and it’s important to know that Portugal is currently only accepting travelers from the EU and select other countries.

Per Gonçalo Hall, the founder of the program: “I’ve been to Bali. I’ve been to Thailand. I’ve been to all digital nomad paradises. But when I visited Madeira, I was blown away and immediately saw the potential there. It’s just stunning. It’s incredible.”

You can learn more about the program here or in the videos below!

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