How to Start a YouTube Channel (Guide)

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I combed through all of the most popular YouTube channel guides to find what I believe is the best guide to get you started. All credit to Gillian Perkins for this awesome content.

I’ve also added a lot of other valuable videos lower down in this post. If there’s anything that needs to be added to this guide then please click the chat button in the bottom right and let me know!

You can also get her YouTube channel launch checklist here or watch her YouTube growth workshop here.

The Video Covers:

  1. Decide what your channel is about.
    1. Pick one topic to focus on and don’t get too stressed out about it.
    2. Different things are more popular this year than were popular in the past.
    3. You can use Google Trends to brainstorm topics.
  2. Brainstorm 100 video ideas.
  3. Research video ideas by doing keyword and competitor research
  4. Name your YouTube channel.
  5. Create your YouTube channel.
  6. Make your first YouTube videos.
  7. Get views on your videos.
  8. Promote your video on social media.
  9. Promote your video on YouTube.

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