Want to Transform How You View Risk? Read This Post.

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Reshaping how you view risk is one of the most life-changing things that you can do. Why? Because fear of failure and fear of the unknown will prevent you from living up to your full potential.

I’ve lived a much “riskier” life than the average person. I’ve dropped out of college, I’ve started 10+ businesses, and I’ve moved abroad to live cheaply and make money online.

The critical mindset shift has been blocking out the voices of others to focus on “what is the best decision” and “what is the worst-case scenario if I make that decision.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety of “oh my god, if I fail this is going to be so embarrassing.” And this is why in risk-taking moments it’s so important to turn off your emotional brain and to turn on your logical brain.

When I moved abroad to start businesses, the worst-case scenario was that I wouldn’t figure out how to make money, and I’d go home and get another job.

If there’s a “high risk” move in your life that you’ve been pondering, I challenge you to write out the worst-case scenario and what you’ll do if that happens.

Thinking through these details should help make you much more comfortable with doing things that society considers “risky.”

And like with any skill, the more you practice doing “risky” things, the more comfortable you’ll become taking “risks.”

Good luck on your journey and feel free to reach out if I can be helpful. 🤙

P.S. I wrote a longer form guide about risk-taking that you can read here!

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