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Curfews Announced in Europe

✈️ Some parts of Europe (Portugal and Spain) have instituted curfews to slow the Delta variant’s spread. This is something to closely monitor if you’re considering a trip to Europe soon.

I’ve been planning to spend this fall in the Canary Islands, but this is a clear indication that the future continues to be uncertain.

8 Essays From The Last 8 Days

✍️ Over the last 8 days, I’ve published eight mini-essays on a variety of topics. I think I may do these posts indefinitely. Let me know if you have any feedback!

Day 1:  Want to transform how you view risk? Read this.

Day 2: What’s it like to move to a new country?

Day 3: The 8 most important productivity hacks in my life

Day 4: The present and future of education is cohort based courses

Day 5: Life is short, so live with urgency

Day 6: Have you audited your inner circle?

Day 7: Rejection is a gift, be grateful for it

Day 8: The power of consistency

Learning By Doing

📖 One of the worst things that school teaches us is that the way to learn new things is by reading and talking about something, not actually doing it.

I’ve found the opposite to be true. If you don’t immediately apply your learnings, you don’t retain the information.

I wrote a lengthy guide to learning new things via the internet that you can read here.

Original Entrepreneurship Ideas Are Overrated

🚘 A reminder that Uber’s two biggest business lines are both copycats of other businesses.

People glorify innovation and gloss over the fact that a high percentage of big businesses are copycats or better versions of existing companies (Uber, DoorDash, Google, Facebook, etc.).

I wrote a long post about how to find startup ideas where I discussed this concept in depth.

Lessons From Stoics

🤔 I’ve been working on becoming more stoic in my approach to life. Here’s a short tweet that’s an excellent intro to stoicism!

If you have any favorite stoic resources that I should check, please send me a message.

How To Develop Your Kids’ Critical Thinking Skills

🧠 This is a fantastic breakdown of how to help your kids develop one of life’s most essential skills: critical thinking.

Final Thoughts

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