What Are You Willing to Sacrifice to Achieve Your Goals?

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I’ve observed that a lot of people have conditional goals or nice to have goals. Things that they’d love to achieve if they could maintain their current lifestyle.

And it’s this mentality that’s holding a lot of people back from achieving their stretch goals.

Are you willing to give up your house, your car, and your job? Are you willing to uproot yourself (and possibly your family) to move across the world to achieve your goals?

Bill Gates didn’t take a single day off for a decade while he was building Microsoft.

And while I’m no Bill Gates, I’ve had months with 12+ all-nighters, and I’ve spent most of the last decade dodging social obligations to work on my businesses.

Shifting from “I’ll sacrifice some things” to “I’ll sacrifice everything” has been my critical mindset change.

When you decide that you will not fail and that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. That’s when you’ll achieve unfathomable success.

This isn’t the path for everyone, but extraordinary achievement comes with great sacrifice.

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