Best Cities for Nomads in Croatia That Aren’t Dubrovnik or Split (Digital Nomad Survey)

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Whether it’s due to the beautiful beaches, historic towns or “Game of Thrones” fans, Croatia has quickly risen as one of  Europe’s hot spots for vacations.

When I was in Dubrovnik I could see why so many are flocking to the beautiful city, but also that it was becoming very overcrowded with tourists.

Which I why I’ve compiled this list, from a survey of real digital nomads, of the five best cities for digital nomads in Croatia that aren’t just Dubrovnik and Split, because while they’re definitely worth visiting, there are many other beautiful places (with great wifi!) where you could set up your laptop and stay awhile.

1. Pula

“Pula was cool though no nomads that I met. Split is probably your safest bet in terms of finding other nomads.”

2. Krk

“The island of Krk was very nice last winter. I really enjoyed my stay.”

3. Zadar

“I personally loved Zadar. I had an apartment with a forum and sea view with the most quaint cafe and artist studio below me. It was easy to make friends and be productive.”

“If you’re into white water rafting or kayaking, the Zrmanja River about 40 minutes away was incredible!”

4. Makarska

“We’re a remote working couple. We spent three months in Croatia last year and returned for another three months this year. We liked and were able to effectively work remotely from every mainland place we’ve been in Croatia so far. Have you considered Makarska?”

“It’s beautiful with sea and mountains. Small city but close to lots of stuff to do. We spent a month there last year. Worth a look to see if it’s your jam.”

5. Osijek

“Osijek is a living town all year round, it is not a tourist destination so the prices are much more affordable. It has a huge IT community, great food, super friendly and safe, warm summers on the river, beaches and snowy winters. The whole town is a 20 minute bicycle ride. If you’re not set on the seaside you won’t go wrong with Osijek.”

Final thoughts:

If you thought Split and Dubrovnik were your only options for visiting or living in Croatia, think again. These five other recommendations from nomads prove there are many other great options.

Madison Schulz is an American freelance writer living in Paris, France.