Costa Rica’s New Digital Nomad Visa Includes a Tax-Free Stay for up to Two Years

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Costa Rica just added itself to the list of countries offering longer-term visas to digital nomads.

The Central American country has passed a law referred to as the “Digital Nomads Law,” which adds the country to the shortlist of locations looking to take advantage of the shifting tide of the work world and bring in successful foreign digital nomads.

How to qualify for Costa Rica’s two-year digital nomad visa

Simple. Any foreign individual who can prove they bring in over $3,000 a month will get a one-year visa with the option to extend for another year. 

If you are a couple or family, that magic number bumps up to $5,000 per month. Anyone applying for the two-year visa will also need to provide proof of health insurance.

The next question on every digital nomad’s mind is, what about the taxes?

According to Title I of Law 7092, Income Tax Law, the visa beneficiary is exempt from income tax. 

However, this exemption does not extend to family members, so they may need their own visa if they would like to bring in an income. 

The visa also allows digital nomads to open a bank account in Costa Rica and driving privileges that come with a driver’s license from their home country.

Costa Rica’s president signed the new visa law on August 11, but the country has yet to announce the cost of the digital nomad visa or given further information on how to apply and when they’ll begin processing visas.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica has welcomed back vaccinated visitors since August 1 with no need to quarantine or test before entry.


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