How to Land a Higher Paying Job (Or Negotiate a Raise)

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1. Negotiating a raise is the simplest way to earn more money. 

Here’s a summary and in-depth article about how to negotiate a raise:

  1. How to negotiate a raise with ANY job (+ exact scripts)
    1. Step 1: Track the results you get at your job
    2. Step 2: Show your boss your results & ask what you can improve
    3. Step 3: Schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss compensation and ways you can add value
    4. Step 4: Practice negotiating a raise with a friend before the meeting with your boss

2. How To Get A Higher Paying Job

Getting a higher paying job is probably the second most straightforward way to increase your income.

Here’s a collection of guides and tips:

  1. Find and apply for a better paying job
    1. How to Get a Better Job (Guide)
      1. Figure out what you want out of your next job
      2. Prepare your resume, LinkedIn and cover letter
        1. Link to the best resume design site that I found
      3. Hunt and apply for opportunities
      4. Reach out to decision-makers directly
      5. Nail the interview
        1. Top 15 Job Interview Questions and Answers
      6. Negotiate your salary
        1. How to negotiate your salary
    2. Secondary Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Landing Your Dream Job
  2. Move to a new city to obtain a better paying job
    1. Placement is a service that will help you get a higher paying job in a new city
    2. Get a remote job that pays you a similar salary and move to a cheaper city/country
  3. Level up your skills and switch to a higher-paying career in ~3 months
    1. There’s a rise in skill and career-based education where companies will help you learn skills to dramatically increase your earning potential.
    2. We combed through hundreds of options to build these recommendations and we only recommend companies that have job placement guarantees because then their incentive is to make sure you get a job, not just to take your money.
    3. Software Engineering (Average Salary of $67k)
      1. Recommended School (Springboard)
      2. Other Options
    4. Design (Average Salary of $65k)
      1. Recommended UI/UX Design School (Springboard)
      2. Recommended UX Design School (Springboard)
      3. Other Options
    5. Data Science ($106k average) & Data Analytics ($80k average)
      1. Recommended Data Science School (Springboard)
      2. Recommended Data Analytics School (Springboard)
      3. Other Options
    6. Product Management ($85k average)
      1. Recommended School (Product School) – No job placement guarantee
    7. Software Sales ($82k average)
      1. Recommended Sales School (Vendition)
      2. Secondary Option (Aspireship)
      3. Third Option (Prehired)
    8. Digital Marketing ($67k average)
      1. Recommended Digital Marketing School (Thinkful)

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